Phenom-World Launches Second Generation Desktop SEMs

When first launched in 2006, the Phenom desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) caused a stir with its 30 second load time, superb image quality and easy to use touch screen user interface. Phenom-World has built on that success and has launched the second generation of desktop SEMs; the Phenom G2 pro and the Phenom G2 pure.

Phenom G2 pro
The Phenom G2 pro is the most powerful desktop SEM available providing an unsurpassed 45,000x magnification, whilst retaining the super-fast load times and ease of use of its predecessor. It also features an improved 19" touch screen with the option of mouse control to provide the ultimate accuracy and performance. The Phenom G2 pro is compatible with a range of application-specific sample holders (metallurgical, micro-electronics, micro-tool, etc) and active stage options. It can also be upgraded with the powerful Phenom Pro Suite software applications that enable users to generate 3D surface reconstructions, measure surface roughness and analyse micro fibres and pores. This makes the Phenom G2 pro desktop SEM the ultimate R&D and Quality Analysis tool for industrial and academic applications.

Phenom G2 pure
The Phenom G2 pure is an entry-level desktop SEM, enabling users to simplify the crossover from light microscopy to electron microscopy. It is the perfect system for microscopists with limited budget. It's 15,000x magnification provides 15 times that of a conventional microscope. Phenom G2 pure users can be up and running after only 10 minutes of basic training and it offers the same 30 second load time and ease of use of all Phenom products. The Phenom G2 pure is also compatible with a range of sample holders and can be upgraded to a Phenom G2 pro at a later date if required.

"Five years after the successful introduction we are now launching our new series of Phenom desktop electron microscopes. With the two new models we are able to serve the market with more focus and options, offering an entry-level for everybody who want to step up from light optical imaging and a high end solution for the demanding EM professional. The Phenom G2-series offers an option for every budget."
(Koen Driessen, Product & Marketing Director at Phenom-World)

"We feel proud to launch the second generation of Phenom microscopes. Our team and our suppliers have worked with great enthusiasm to create for you the Phenom G2 pure and pro series of instruments. They will give you excellent desktop imaging results. Reliable and fast. We are confident that these microscopes will contribute to your company's growth as well as to ours."
(Emile Asselbergs, CEO at Phenom-World)

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