Xradia Extends X-ray Microscopy to Advance Pursuit of Discovery Previously Unachievable with Lab-based Imaging

Xradia is announcing a new X-ray microscope that gives scientists unprecedented flexibility for studying hard-to-image materials and their microstructures within industrial and scientific laboratory environments.

The new VersaXRM-520 extends the boundaries of non-destructive 3D imaging with advanced contrast tuning capabilities, extensive filtering options, and enhancements delivering greater accuracy and workflow efficiency.

“Our philosophy in continuing to extend the capabilities of the VersaXRM family is to free scientists to keep pushing the limits of lab-based 3D X-ray imaging,” says Dr. Kevin P. Fahey, Chief Materials Scientist and Vice President of Marketing at Xradia, Inc. “We started with high resolution at flexible working distances, excellent contrast capabilities, and a powerful in situ solution. Now with the VersaXRM-520 we’re delivering even better ways to explore contrast mechanisms for challenging samples, and expanding in situ capabilities to become the industry’s leading solution for studying samples at high resolution in a variety of environments. We continue to innovate and bring flexibility to the lab to free VersaXRM users to break through traditional barriers to discovery in 3D.”

Leveraging Xradia’s synchrotron-caliber optics and industry-best resolution and contrast capabilities, the VersaXRM-520 introduces:

Dual-Scan Contrast Visualizer (DSCoVer) for Compositional Contrast: flexible side-by-side tuning of two distinct tomographies enables compositional probing for features often indistinguishable in a single scan. DSCoVer enables researchers to seamlessly and easily collect the data required for dual energy analysis. By enabling the efficient alignment of two datasets at different incident X-ray energies, the user is able to decouple some contrast mechanisms and freely explore contrast for features of interest within a sample.

Automated Filter Changer: enabling select or application-specific filters to be changed within recipes without manual intervention for greater ease of use and workflow efficiencies. The AFC houses source filters used to tune the X-ray energy spectrum, with selection easily programmed and recorded for future use.

The AFC ships with a standard set of twelve filters and features twelve additional slots to accommodate custom source filters such as those composed of different materials and thicknesses.

High-Aspect Ratio Tomography (HART): a higher-throughput imaging mode delivering tomography acquisition up to 50% faster for flat sample geometries. HART leverages Xradia’s “resolution at a distance” (RaaD) leadership to overcome traditional inefficiencies inherent in imaging high aspect ratio samples where one dimension is much greater than another. Variable projection spacing allows tomographies to be completed faster with the same or better quality than traditional even-spacing mode.

For example, HART dramatically speeds throughput in analyzing semiconductor failures where flat chip designs must be viewed through the long dimension to fully explore where and how defects occur and propagate. These resulting high resolution virtual cross sections offer an attractive alternative to destructive physical cross-sectioning.

In situ Interface Kit: enabling the highest-performance in situ 3D XRM characterization. Continuing to push the limits for scientific advancement, the rock-solid VersaXRM platform has emerged as the industry’s premier solution enabling the use of the widest variety of in situ rigs, from high pressure flow cells to tension, compression and thermal stages. Leveraging RaaD, in situ experiments can be accomplished while maintaining high resolution, despite being enclosed in specialized sample environments. The optional In Situ Interface Kit is available on all VersaXRM instruments. Contents include a mechanical integration kit, a robust cabling guide and feed-throughs, as well a recipe-based software capability that simplifies operation from within the VersaXRM user interface.

All of the new features introduced by the VersaXRM-520 are seamlessly integrated in the recently announced Scout-and-Scan control system software, an efficient workflow environment allowing users to easily scout a region of interest and specify scanning parameters. Taken in total, the new flexibility features extend the researcher’s degrees of freedom and deliver on Xradia’s commitment to increasing the versatility, viability, and overall value of lab-based imaging.

The VersaXRM: Extending the Boundaries of Science

Since their release in 2011, VersaXRM solutions have enabled breakthrough research in materials science, life sciences, energy, electronics, and other prominent research areas where non-destructive imaging is used to extend the value and impact of samples.  Many of the world’s most prominent facilities have made X-ray microscopy (XRM) an important component of their imaging methodologies, complementing and increasing the effectiveness of traditional techniques and knowledge synthesis.

Xradia’s VersaXRM family represents the only imaging solutions combining:

  • Non-destructive X-ray imaging and interior tomography
  • Industry-leading contrast and resolution*
  • RaaD—Resolution at a Distance for wide range of sample dimensions
  • Industry-leading 4D and in situ solution

*About Resolution

Voxel (sometimes referred to as “nominal resolution” or “detail detectability”) is a geometric term that contributes to but does not equate to resolution. While the VersaXRM family achieves voxel sizes ranging from 70-100 nm, Xradia specifies on spatial resolution, a more meaningful measurement of performance, delivering an unmatched spatial resolution down to at least 700 nanometers.

About Xradia

Xradia designs and manufactures microscopes for industrial and academic research applications. Xradia's solutions offer unparalleled high contrast and high resolution imaging capabilities for a large range of sample sizes and shapes. The company's heritage began in the synchrotron and extends to the laboratory. Xradia's laboratory product families, the UltraXRM-L and VersaXRM, bridge the resolution gap, delivering full volume 3D imaging down to 50 nm spatial resolution. Additional information can be found at www.xradia.com.

Xradia is a registered trademark and UltraXRM, VersaXRM, Scout-and-Scan, RaaD, DSCoVer, and HART are trademarks of Xradia Inc. Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved.


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