Harper Enhances Commercial Scale Thermal Processing Capabilities for Carbon Fiber Production: Selected as Premier Partner for Production Scale Oxidation Ovens by Multiple Companies

Harper International is the world leader in carbonization technology and equipment for the production of carbon fiber. Currently building oxidation ovens for several production lines for multiple customers, Harper is further extending its position as the most trusted partner for the commercial production of high quality carbon fiber.

Harper’s oxidation ovens have demonstrated outstanding performance in thermal and velocity uniformity and significantly improved energy utilization in commercial operation. This performance over an extended time period has resulted in the orders from multiple clients for completely integrated thermochemical processing equipment for the production of carbon fiber.

Harper’s 3 meter wide, center to end parallel flow production oxidation ovens are the proven solution, providing clients with cutting edge designs offering a multitude of improvements beyond what’s available on the market today. These innovative oven design features include integrated tow guidance and energy recovery, integrated roll stands with superior, precision tow tracking, and low energy consumption per kilo of fiber thus providing a very cost effective production line. Harper’s production ovens deliver stringent velocity and temperature uniformity, which makes it possible to increase line speed and fiber throughput.

“For the customer, our technology advancements provide rapid startup and stable oxidation, improved air velocity and thermal uniformity at a variety of flow rates, and optimal control of the reaction ultimately enhancing fiber quality. This surge in contracts for Harper ovens shows that our system technology continues to be validated by clients from research scale to the largest scale production plants in the industry” commented Dr. Bill Stry, Senior Process Technology Engineer at Harper.

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