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Olympus Introduces IXplore Inverted Imaging Platform

To meet the needs of specific research applications and to deliver additional savings to the customer, Olympus introduces the IXplore inverted imaging platform. These microscopy solutions provide a significant price advantage over standard discounts and are designed by application to fast-track research and results.

IXplore Standard

  • High-Quality Fluorescence Imaging: All fluorescence mirror units are treated with a specially developed coating that maximizes signal to noise ratios by absorbing more than 99% of stray light.
  • Accuracy and Repeatability: Observation limits can be set by the user to immobilize the stage, helping to maintain the observation position during operation, including reagent application, even if the stage is inadvertently touched.
  • Flexible Configurations: Optional encoded components provide a cost-effective way to upgrade the microscope as experimental needs grow and change.

IXplore Pro

  • Automated Imaging: Fully automated multidimensional observation with easy experiment setup for accurate and efficient experiments.
  • Rapid Deconvolution: Reduce out of focus fluorescence with ultrafast deconvolution algorithms.
  • Advanced Analysis: Easily uncover statistically relevant data with Olympus cellSens software.

IXplore Live

  • Environmental Control: Optimal conditions for precise live cell imaging.
  • Stable Control: Utilize the Olympus real-time controller for physiologically relevant data with minimal cell disturbance.
  • Fast, Microsecond-Accurate Devices: Fast filter wheel, shutter, and LED light source control and real-time controllers (U-RTC) enable less photobleaching and phototoxicity, resulting in healthier cells and more robust data.

IXplore TIRF

  • Excellent Multi-Color TIRF Imaging: Independent angle control for up to 4 wavelengths promotes consistent, precise data collection across multiple wavelengths.
  • Photomanipulation: The cellTIRF 4Line system includes integrated FRAP optics for stimulation across a flexible region of interest.
  • Super-High NA Objectives: Take advantage of Olympus’ TIRF objective with the world's highest NA of 1.7*.

IXplore Spin

  • Rapid Cell Dynamics: Rapid confocal imaging with a spinning disk system.
  • Reduced Phototoxicity: 3D confocal time-lapse imaging of live cells with less phototoxicity and bleaching.
  • Scalable: Upgrade to the IXplore SpinSR super-resolution system depending on your research progress and/or budget.

IXplore SpinSR

  • Super-Resolution: Real-time super-resolution down to 120nm is ideal for live cell samples.
  • Fast Imaging: Prolonged cell viability in confocal time-lapse imaging due to less phototoxicity and bleaching.
  • Multi-Modal: Switch between wide-field, confocal, and super-resolution observations in the IXplore SpinSR system in one step.

To learn more about each IXplore platform, contact your local sales representative or visit


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