Built to Explore: The Vocus Eiger

The Vocus Eiger is a compact, mobile-ready PTR-TOF mass spectrometer – optimized for applications that demand speed and sensitivity with a small footprint. 

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TOFWERK furthers its commitment to delivering cutting edge chemical ionization mass spectrometers with our latest PTR-TOF instrument – the Vocus Eiger. A mobile-ready instrument for atmospheric VOC measurements and industrial monitoring where the sensitive measurement of compounds in air is critical.

The mass resolving power of the Vocus Eiger enables isobar separations and accurate quantification of many interfering species for VOCs present in air and other matrices. With intuitive software, the Vocus Eiger continuously reports concentrations of target compounds, while providing remote access to instrument controls and data. Users can easily select and build target compound lists and automatically map their concentrations with optional GPS integrated data during acquisition. 

The Vocus Eiger Features

  • Real-time PTR-MS direct air measurements that provide broad mass spectrum VOC analysis
  • Intuitive software enabling:
    • Real-time reporting of quantified compounds
    • Selection of target compounds for specified analysis, alarm triggering, and monitoring
    • Optional GPS integration for real-time mass spectrum mapping
    • Powerful post-process data analysis
  • Compact design for mobile lab applications
  • Durable components to sustain challenging field environments
  • Reliable analysis independent of sample humidity

The Ideal Solution for Mobile Labs and Fenceline Monitoring

Traditional gas chromatography-based methods for analysis are slow and often complicated by difficult sampling conditions infield. Inexpensive field monitors are limited by the compounds they measure, their sensitivity, speed, and reliability.

As a measurement tool, PTR mass spectrometry offers a solution that overcomes the limitations of gas chromatography and inexpensive monitors, providing sensitive and fast measurement for a diverse and expansive range of compounds with parts-per-trillion limits of detection, observable in real time.

The Vocus Eiger packages highly sensitive and ultra-fast PTR time-of-flight mass spectrometry in a compact, durable, and highly portable design. Whether it’s a mobile lab, industrial monitoring van, or just the back of your car – the Vocus Eiger delivers lab quality analysis just about anywhere.

Intuitive Software for Use by Any Operator

Running analysis on advanced instrumentation can be difficult, often requiring weeks of advanced training and operation only by scientific personnel. The Eiger reduces operational costs, requiring minimal training for any level of operator with convenient, direct access to TOFWERK support.  

To learn more about the Vocus Eiger, download the Product sheet and contact our team today.

Source: https://www.tofwerk.com/


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