Coxem Introduces the EM-30K Tabletop SEM

Coxem is pleased to announce the newest member of the EM-30 family of Tabletop SEMs, the EM-30K.  Featuring our latest 5th generation signal processing technology, the EM-30K offers high-quality imaging at frame rates of up to 13 fps. And with a magnification range of 15 – 150,000x and the ability to image under variable vacuum conditions, the EM-30K is the ideal tool for applications ranging from materials science and energy research to life sciences and biological imaging.

Image Credit: Coxem

​​​​​​​The EM-30K comes complete with both SE and a 4 quadrant BSE detector, allowing the operator to view either detector individually, side-by-side, or as a composite image for a better understanding of chemistry and microstructure.  A built-in digital camera aids in sample loading and navigation, while a large stage with motorized X, Y, and Z axes accommodates a wide range of samples.

Powered by NanoStation 5.0 software, the EM-30K includes a suite of automatic functions that simplify operation and help novice users achieve consistent results, while advanced image analysis tools like line profile analysis help to more accurately determine particle size when working at the nanoscale

An optional STEM detector allows the EM-30K to perform TEM analysis of samples on standard TEM grids, while the optional CoolStage allows analysis of samples from -25 °C to 50°C.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact your local Coxem representative, or visit the Coxem website.




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