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Two New Products in Sensofar’s Integrable Head Line

Sensofar has always worked towards achieving excellence in the field of optical metrology. For the past 21 years, Sensofar has been listening to our customers and market needs, and now, we are proud to announce the launch of S mart 2 and the S neox Cleanroom. Two new sensors that extend our sensor heads line. The S mart 2 is a technological disruption in areal metrology, and the S neox Cleanroom is our most powerful and advanced sensor head, now compatible with ISO Class 1.

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The new S mart 2 is a new generation: smaller but smarter. It has a reduced head width measured at 90 mm and easily fits into a 19 inches rack. The other dimensions of the head have been minimized too and the front projection of the S mart 2 is 53% smaller than its predecessor, the S mart 1.

The S mart 2 is as easy to fit as it is to connect. By connecting only two cables, the device is ready to be used. Also, as another example of innovation, the computer is embedded in the head itself. The size of all the hardware combined made the implementation of a cooling system a challenge for Sensofar’s engineers but necessary. Our solution to is a high efficiency passive cooling system to keep the system only and ready at any given time.

The S mart 2 combines 3-in-1 technologies: Ai Focus Variation, Confocal, and Interferometry, which makes the sensor head extremely versatile.

The sensor is mainly controlled by SensoSCAN, a specially designed software that takes into account the integrator’s mindset: an intuitive interface with high usability. Furthermore, we have worked towards making the S mart 2 a highly compatible sensor. Since the computer is embedded, different computers can run the system.

The S neox Cleanroom is making our flagship product, the S neox, compatible with cleanrooms. Microelectronics and the medical devices markets demand equipment which releases a low number of particles and, usually, that translates into having compatibility with ISO Class 3. Nonetheless, Sensofar has achieved a sensor that fits within the strictest classification of particle contamination, the ISO Class1.

All the changes to this sensor design have been focused on minimizing the main sources of particles: a stainless-steel enclosure instead of a plastic one; the gap between the sensor head and the motorized nosepiece has been covered; and finally, a vacuum connection has been added to remove the particles from the sensor head.

These two new products complement Sensofar’s integrable heads line, bringing a wider range of solutions to our customers and the market.

We are very proud of all the work put into these new products and we invite you to browse their specific info pages. You also have our exclusive Sensofar Event 22 video recording available, where the faces of Sensofar, including our CEO Marc Canales and President Roger Artigas, present more in detail the features and specifications of these new integrable heads.

Watch the Sensofar Event 22 



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