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Coxem’s Coolstage simplifies imaging of biological materials

Preparing biological samples for imaging usually requires utilizing a range of physical and chemical processes, including dehydration and fixing. These processes can alter the structure of the sample, and are often complex and time consuming.

The Coolstage from Coxem simplifies this process by rapidly lowering the temperature of the sample stage, freezing the sample without damaging its microstructure. Available on both the EM30 Series tabletop SEM as well as the    CX-200Plus Compact SEM, the Coolstage has a temperature range of -25°C to 50°C.

In the example shown in Figure 1, the delicate structure of a flower petal is preserved by freezing on the Coolstage prior to imaging.

Figure 1 – Image of a flower petal without Coolstage (left) and with Coolstage (right)

This same technique can be used on a variety of biological samples, including food, biological samples, and most any natural sample containing moisture.  

Figure 2 – Yogurt sample imaged without Coolstage (left) and with Coolstage (right)

In addition, since the Coolstage is also able to heat a sample up to 50°C, temperature-induced changes in structure can be observed by slowly heating the sample while imaging.


Figure 3 – Coolstage installed on the EM-30 Tabletop SEM

Utilizing a Peltier element coupled to a liquid chiller, the Coxem Coolstage is extremely stable, and a number of different specimen stubs are available to accommodate most any sample need.

For more information on the Coxem Coolstage or to schedule a demonstration, please contact your local Coxem representative, or visit the Coxem website at


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