Zygo Works Hard to Secure Significant Cost Savings for Zergage™ Pro in Brazil

(Middlefield, CT, USA  10th April 2024) Optical metrology leader Zygo Corporation — a business unit of Ametek, Inc. — is delighted to announce that customers can save up to 20% when purchasing a ZeGageTM Pro 3D optical profiler in Brazil due to the government granting the product an import tax reduction.

​​​​​The company’s 3D optical profilers are used to measure height variations — such as surface roughness — on surfaces with exceptional precision using light to probe the surface and avoid any direct contact. The ZeGage Pro uses Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) as its core measurement technology, which today is a well-established method of obtaining the most accurate of surface measurements.

Júlio M. Pitman, Director (MD) at Zygo Brazil says, “We are excited to have been granted the temporary import tax reduction which makes the impressive ZeGage Pro that much more accessible to customers in Brazil for at least the next two years. It took us 5 months work to secure the import tax reduction which is available when there are no equivalent products produced domestically in Brazil. Its importance is fundamental as it allows domestic Brazilian companies to access cutting-edge optical metrology solutions and therefore stimulates innovation across numerous industry sectors increasing productivity and competitiveness. It also has a multiplier effect stimulating employment opportunities and revenue making opportunities in different areas of our national economy, which is important for all of us. Zygo champions innovation and the optimisation of manufacturing processes, which is why we worked so hard to secure the import tax reduction, allowing Brazil to benefit from what Zygo can bring to the table and therefore modernize the country’s infrastructure.”

The ZeGage Pro truly takes interferometric surface profiling out of the lab and into production, and it delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs of most industrial surfaces. The system uses proprietary non-contact measurement technology enhanced with SureScan™ technology for low sensitivity to vibration and easy placement anywhere within a production facility. Quantitative surface metrology with nanometer-level precision provides superior gage capability. These are paired with Zygo's exclusive Part Finder and Smart Setup tools to make sample changes fast and easy, minimizing wasted time and maximizing throughput. When ordering the ZeGage Pro customers simply have to quote tariff code 9031.80.99 “EX” 401, and they will be entitled to the discount.

The system is constructed with a compact benchtop-friendly design. Because of the SureScan™ technology, there is no need for expensive vibration isolation tables, system enclosures, or consumables. It also runs Zygo's interactive control software, Mx™, for easy and detailed visualization to help control the process. Zygo’s Mx software powers complete system control and data analysis and provides comprehensive tools for surface data visualization, analysis and reporting such as interactive 3D maps, quantitative topography data, intuitive navigation, and built-in SPC with statistics, control charting, and pass/fail limits.

Pitman continues, “The ZeGage Pro is extremely versatile, and measures a wide variety of surface materials and parameters, including 2D and 3D profiling of surface texture, form, step-height and more. Taylor Hobson (Zygo’s distributor in Brazil) is pleased to be exhibiting the system at the upcoming FEIMEC show 7-11 May in Sao Paulo on the AMETEK booth A048 where visitors are invited to see a demo of the system, and where we are sure they will be impressed by the ability to measure with the utmost precision even in the noisy and dynamic show floor environment. The fact that the Zegage Pro is now available to all visitors with the 20% import tax reduction discount makes a visit to our booth even more important!”


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