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Thermcraft offers Fibercraft and Duracraft vertical diffusion heating elements that are available either as completely new units or can be redesigned to suit customers’ existing unit.
Deltech has launched new horizontal tube furnaces in benchtop configuration. These units are compact, lightweight and require a small footprint.
TRENT, Inc. Industrial Ovens are built with three heat transfer methods including direct radiation, gravity convection, and air-recirculation.
Thermcraft offers box furnaces are designed for temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F). These box furnaces generate even heat throughout the entire heated chamber and are insulated for optimum thermal efficiency.
Thermcraft LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are used in laboratories all over the world. Thermcraft is the exclusive supplier of furnaces and ovens to some of the leading materials testing system manufacturers. Features of the O-Series medium range laboratory ovens are described.
This versatile series of multi-purpose vacuum furnaces offers a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including horizontal or vertical designs. As users have a choice of hot zones, pumping systems and gas cooling options, the MetalMaster™ is ideal for almost any heat treating, brazing or other thermal processing application. The gas quench system features a specially engineered heat exchanger and turbine blower designed to optimize gas flow for more efficient cooling. In addition to Ipsen's standard computer control systems, MetalMaster™ furnaces may be ordered with other high-productivity options, including specialized instrumentation, increased pumping capability, and material handling systems.
Ipsen offers a new belt-type furnace that is designed to meet the stringent quality requirements in terms of the uniformity of the preferred results for bulk goods and large amounts of small parts.
Top hat furnace models include fixed loading platforms or kiln cars, multi-car systems with programmable linear actuation to allow automatic positioning and removal of kiln cars from the furnace.
This breakthrough frontloading box furnace is made possible by a unique combination of zirconia and alumina insulation, which exploits the hot strength of alumina and low thermal conductivity of zirconia.
Ipsen's Carb-o-Prof® is a control system that combines the knowledge and expertise of over six decades. The main purpose of this system is to compute and execute several heat treatment methods.
TRENT, Inc. industrial furnaces are practical and economical and require little to no maintenance. The industrial furnaces are available in three batch type industrial furnaces.
Elastocon’s Ageing Cabinet EB 26 is designed with a carousel within for mounting of samples and high air speed 50 lit inner volume. The cabinet is provided with a window in the door and a door sensor for turning off a fan, lightning, heating, and the carousel when the door opens. The carousel can accommodate up to 36 samples.
Harper offers advanced Oxidation Oven technology in order to complement its industry-leading furnaces for carbon fiber processing.
StableTemp Muffle Furnaces are available in three sizes and three controller options to meet your application requirements. All models have autotune feature which allows the furnace to perform better at a particular set point and load, eliminating temperature overshoot for a commonly used application. An optional RS-485 communications port 33858-90 is available to let you use these furnaces with your computer. RS-485 option is factory installed—you must order separately at the same time as you order your furnace.
Vestibule blocks and insulation tubes available from Thermcraft are designed to fit all types of diffusion furnaces and specialty insulation applications.
Thermcraft offers control systems for all types of oven, furnace, and atmosphere control applications.
The 2000° Furnace from Deltech operates in air, distinguishing it from those that need vacuum operation. The company’s high quality, efficient design is also very economical when compared to vacuum furnaces.
Controlled atmosphere furnace models include vertical tube units, horizontal tube units, multi-zone tube units, convertible "VT/BL" furnaces which can be used as tube units or bottom loaders and convertible "VT/HT" furnaces which can be used as vertical or horizontal tube units.
This is a horizontal tube furnace that can operate up to 1500°Cat vacuum levels of better than 10E-5 mbar.
Ipsen has developed atmosphere batch type furnaces that are made of standardized sub-assemblies.
Deltech rotary kiln furnaces are available for single and multiple tube systems. The furnace temperatures are up to 1700°C The furnace has fully integrated control panels.
Thermcraft offers cast plate heaters (PH-C) without side flanges. These heaters have a maximum operating temperature of 1204°C (2200°F) and are available in almost any size.
Ipsen has introduced an advanced roller hearth furnace for both batch- and single-part loads of any size. This continuous furnace has a unique design and includes rollers that are driven separately for load transfer along the hearth of the furnace.
Thermcraft offers the BHAF series general purpose box furnaces that are designed for temperatures from 2000°F to 2200°F.
The Phoenix line of microwave muffle furnaces offers unmatched versatility and speed in a rugged, easy-to-use system.
Unifour ageing ovens, powered by gas, oil or electricity can be installed with automated transport from stacker to packer.
BINDER FD series ovens are ideal for use in cases where sterilization and quick drying are required. The FD 53 oven saves valuable time thanks to its fully homogeneous temperature distribution, quick dynamics and powerful fan.
Orton offers GTF-MD-16 and GTF-MD-16L furnaces, which are horizontal tube furnaces with controlled, reproducible, linear thermal gradients of about 120°C across a 12" long monitored zone and 160°C across a 6" long monitored zone, respectively.
Pusher furnaces available from Ipsen are specifically designed for uninterrupted treatment of components under a protective gas atmosphere.
The Thermcraft eXPRESS-LINE Protege compact split tube furnace comes with a 2” ID heated chamber that has a 12” heated length in a single zone configuration. The heating element is a Fibercraft™ vacuum formed ceramic fiber heater with embedded resistance wire. Designed for temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F), this furnace will produce uniform heat around the full 360° of the heated chamber and is insulated for maximum thermal efficiency.
Thermcraft offers high temperature semi-cylindrical ceramic electric heaters that have maximum operating temperatures of 1010°C (1850°F) and 1200°C (2200°F).
The Hot Spot 110L from Zircar Zirconia is a 1600°C Lab Furnace that plugs into a standard 110 Volt, 20 Amp outlet. The breakthrough design of this compact frontloading box furnace incorporates a unique combination of zirconia and alumina insulation which combines the hot strength of alumina and low thermal conductivity of zirconia. This compact unit is easily accommodated into your laboratory and does not require any special setting surface. An integrated cooling fan feature ensures that the outer shell of the furnace is cool enough to protect the user from any potential burn, even the maximum operating temperature of at 1600°C.
Chamber furnace for universal applications. Various temperature controllers available.
The Binder incubator BF115 with mechanical convection is suited for all gentle incubation applications, especially under full load and large batch throughputs. This incubator is has extremely low temperature variation and has rapid recovery times.
These models are ideal for simulating typical fast-firing processes up to a maximum firing temperature of 1300 °C. The combination of high performance, low thermal mass and powerful cooling fans provides for cycle times from cold to cold of under 35 minutes.
Harper is the choice company in continuous furnace technologies for the carbon fiber industry.
Delteh furnace control systems are custom-designed with application-specific features. Every Deltech control system is ETL Certified by Intertek to conform to UL508A standards. Standard safety features include an emergency stop, door interlock, safety relay, and isolation switches.
Thermcraft offers CoilCraft heating elements that can be utilized as retrofits to existing fiber- and ceramic-based heaters, or can also be installed as part of a new furnace.
The Lambda Technologies MicroCure 2100 is designed around the unique Variable Frequency Microwave process technique for the selective, rapid, and uniform procesing of materials.
These furnaces are designed for light to medium duty applications where rapid thermal response is a primary requirement.
The front loading furnace features manual or power operated, "swing" or guillotine type doors. One can specify the type or make recommendations based on operator safety and engineering efficiency.
Thermcraft offers a low mass diffusion heating element called Fibercraft FC-200L.
Standard and custom designed ovens are available from Thermcraft in either batch or continuous types. Sizes range from bench top to industrial truck ovens in single or double door styles. Ovens may be either electric or gas fired.
Thermcraft supplies vertical and horizontal Bridgman crystal growing furnace systems. The vertical furnace system is fully self-contained in a compact arrangement.
The novel CB series offers optimal growth conditions for cell cultures. The anti plenum concept, the 180°C sterilization routine with the world's first sterilizable CO2 sensor and other unique BINDER technologies satisfy the highest requirements for best possible cell growth and maximum sample safety in the premium class of BINDER CO2 incubators.
Temperature range is 1600, 1700, 1800° C (2900, 3100, 3300° F). The models include "BL" Bottom Load Furnaces with octagonal workspaces and "SBL" square bottom loading models with rectangular workspaces.
Harper’s belt and conveyor furnaces are developed for the continuous processing of parts as well as advanced materials such as powder, granular, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 2000°C.
Contemporary Kiln automatic cooling ovens have integrated ventilation systems that introduce fresh filtered air into the kiln chamber in order to expedite the cooling process and reduce the process cycle time.
The Wallace Ageing Chamber O14 ages rubber in accordance with international testing standards. In conjunction with the Rapid Plastimeter, it allows the user to determine the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers
The Thermcraft TransTemp transparent tube furnace was originally developed at the Lincoln Laboratory on the campus of MIT. Unlike conventional furnaces, the TransTemp becomes transparent at approximately 600°C, which makes it possible to see a process as it takes place inside the furnace.
Models include bottom loading, front loading, bottom loading vertical tube units for convenient loading of small crucibles combined with corrosion resistance and atmosphere control. The temperature range is 1600, 1700, 1800° C (2900, 3100, 3300° F).
The pusher plate and tunnel kilns from Harper are developed for processes needing accurate control of atmosphere and temperature and suitable for those with longer residence times that need precise control of the heat up rate of the product (temperature profile) and lower gas/solid reaction.
Thermcraft’s eXPRESS-LINE solid tube furnaces are designed for temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F).
HybridCarb, the innovative process gas-recycling technology from Ipsen, helps in saving energy and resources by reducing energy usage and carbon footprint.
Harper’s patented Vertical Conveyor furnace, Vertical calciner is the company’s most recent thermal processing innovation for a broad range of product feedstocks especially for materials that need high temperature solid-solid and solid-gas reactions, such as carbides, nitrides, borides and refractory metal powders.
Thermcraft eXPRESS-LINE split tube furnaces come with a 3” ID or 6” ID heated chamber and are available in 12”, 18”, 24” and 36” heated lengths, in a single or a three zone configuration. Designed for temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F), these furnaces will produce uniform heat around the full 360° of the heated chamber and are insulated for maximum thermal efficiency.
Thermcraft’s LAB-TEMP™ laboratory furnaces and ovens are utilized in a number of laboratories around the world. Thermcraft supplies these laboratory furnaces and ovens to leading materials testing system manufacturers as well.
In addition to standard designs, Thermcraft also manufacture furnaces custom built to exact specifications. Their team of highly knoweledgeable Sales Engineers will work with you through the entire process of configuring your custom furnace.
Themcraft, in collaboration with B.W.C. Technologies and RichardsApex, has developed a highly controllable technique to simultaneously process steel tire wire and other steel long products.
Thermcraft offers eXPRESS-LINE control systems that are available with optional timers, programmable controllers, and high limit switches.
Marshall tube furnaces available from Thermcraft are a reliable range of furnaces specifically designed to meet customers’ needs.
Among Inductotherm’s newest technologies is the Acutrak® Direct Electric Heat (DEH) Crucible Furnace. This unique aluminum melting and holding furnace uses an air-cooled, direct electric heating system that is more efficient, environmentally friendly, assures more accurate temperature control of molten metal, all while eliminating water cooling.
Thermcraft’s Hinged High Temperature Split Tube Furnaces are for applications that need temperatures up to 1530°C (2800°F). They can customize these tube furnaces to be single zone or multiple zone configurations, and design them for vertical or horizontal operation.
Harper is the global leader for ultra-high temperature (UHT) continuous furnace systems rated to 3000°C to be used in the production of many powdered metals and high modulus carbon fiber, primarily used in applications requiring high rigidity.
Split shell, vertical tube, or custom designs on stand or with custom mounting hardware for your test device, including creep rigs. The operating temperatures up to 1800°C
As partial technical support for the MicroCure Technology, Lambda offers process development and optimization assistance to include process trials. The Lambda Technologies MicroCure 5100 is designed around the unique Variable Frequency Microwave process technique for the selective, rapid, and uniform procesing of materials.
ATLAS integral quench furnaces available from Ipsen are advanced and custom-engineered machines that are cost-effective and easy to operate and maintain.
Ipsen offers rotary hearth furnaces, which are specifically designed for reheating pre-treated work components and for carburizing shallow case depths.
The LF Series furnaces are top loading multi-purpose furnace, high temperature, vacuum or controlled atmosphere with refractory metal heat zone