High Performance Lubricants for Automotive Applications

Dow Corning offers a variety of Molykote high-performance specialty lubricants (Figure 1) to satisfy the auto lubrication requirements of its customers. Molykote brand Smart Lubrication™ eliminates component failures, lowers expensive warranty repairs and helps achieving customer satisfaction.

High performance lubricants from Dow Corning

Figure 1. High performance lubricants from Dow Corning

Smart Lubrication Options

The following are some of the smart lubrication products offered by Dow Corning:


Greases are engineered to provide dynamic lubrication on all kinds of automotive materials. Besides superior cold and heat resistance, they deliver efficient lubrication for operations involving extreme loads due to the presence of solid lubricants. Deterioration from oils and fuels can be reduced using high-performance fluorinated greases.


The presence of high content of solid lubricants enables pastes to be used as initial run-in and high-load lubricants.


Compounds are silicone lubricants that look like grease with superior oxidation resistance. Their properties remain unchanged over a broad range of temperatures. They can be used as release agents between elastomers and metals, and as non-curing sealants.

Lubricating Solids

The primary application of lubricating solids is its role as additives for lining formulations or brake pads for improved friction control and wear resistance.

Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-friction coatings are a dispersion of a solid lubricant and binder in a solvent carrier. They are paint-like lubricants that provide corrosion resistance by forming a dry lubricating film. They are suitable for use in dusty atmospheres or for inaccessible components demanding lubrication for a long term.

Automotive Lubrication Solutions

Molykote brand Smart Lubrication™ can help users to develop solutions to improve:

  • Performance by delivering durable, long-term lubrication
  • Driving comfort by lowering noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Reliability by tolerating elevated temperatures and adverse operating conditions
  • Safety by maintaining the operation of inaccessible components as designed


By procuring Dow Corning’s Molykote specialty lubricants, customers receive the following benefits:

  • Over six decades of lubrication expertise and a legacy of innovation
  • A reliable, worldwide supply of high-performance lubricants for specialized applications
  • Effective solutions for many challenges
  • Collaborative problem-solving and comprehensive product support

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Dow Corning Automotive.

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