i-Raman® Series for Process Analytical Technology

There are many advantages of using Raman spectroscopy for rapid at-line, off-line, in-line or on-line analysis including:

  • Quick real time or near real-time analysis
  • Frequently collected data
  • High-accuracy data
  • Provides the pulse of a process

Process Analytical Technology

Process analytical technology (PAT) is used for conducting analysis in real-time for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical and food industries. Processes such as crystallization processes, coating, chemical reactions, blending operations and polymorphic transitions can be controlled using PAT.

PAT used for real-time analysis for different applications

Figure 1. PAT used for real-time analysis for different applications

Example of PAT

An example of PAT for reaction monitoring is using Raman spectroscopy to monitor the curing of a two-part epoxy using Raman spectroscopy. The curing of the epoxy causes a decrease in the epoxide band intensity around 1275cm-1, which can be easily monitored using Raman spectroscopy (Figure 2, 3). As can be seen in Figure 2, the peak disappears at 2580cm-1, indicating the consumption of the hardener during reaction.

1275cm-1 epoxide ring band decreases on cure

Figure 2. 1275cm-1 epoxide ring band decreases on cure

Epoxide peak at 1275cm-1 decreases as cure reaction

Figure 3. Epoxide peak at 1275cm-1 decreases as cure reaction

Key Advantages of the i-Raman Series

The key benefits of the i-Raman Series are:

  • BWIQ (quantitative analysis software)
  • Lab/industrial grade probes and flow cells for a range of sampling environments
  • BWID software for qualitative analysis with polymer and polymer additives library with ~1000 spectra
  • Compact size for convenient process development environment
  • BWSP-21pt11 software for real-time monitoring, including quantitative analysis and peak trending
  • BWQT compliant software for real-time prediction and quantitative analysis with BWSP-21pt11

i-Raman® Series Set-Up for Process Analytical Technology Applications

In order to perform high-quality measurements for these applications, the following equipment are required:

  • i-Raman Plus 785/532 S with E-grade Probe Upgrade to extend range to 65cm-1 (BWS465)
  • i-Raman EX with 1064nm excitation (BWS485)
  • Lab / Industrial Grade Probe (BAC102/101)
  • Raman spectral libraries for easy identification (as Applicable)
  • Software Suite: BWIQ, BWID, BWSP-21pt11 and BWQT

i-Raman® Series Set-Up

Figure 4. i-Raman® Series Set-Up

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