Key Features of Fiberglass and Why You Should Choose it

Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) or “fiberglass” is a composite composed of a polymer resin matrix where glass fibers are embedded to impart reinforcement. The type, quantity, orientation, and location of the glass fibers within a fiberglass component determine its strength.


Figure 1. The pultrusion process


Pultrusion is a production process for manufacturing reinforced polymer structural shapes in continuous lengths. The process uses a continuous pulling device to pull the raw materials, reinforcing glass fibers, and a liquid resin mixture through a heated steel forming die (Figure 1).

The Features of Strongwell’s Fiberglass


The fiberglass offered by Strongwell is lighter than steel and aluminum by 80% and 30%, respectively. This translates to easier installation, lower transportation, and minimal weight in structural design demanding weight savings. The company continues its efforts to make lighter yet stronger fiberglass.

High Strength

On a pound-for-pound basis, the strength of Strongwell’s fiberglass is better than structural steel. FRP shows increased strength under cold conditions, making it ideal to construct platforms, walkways, structures, and much more.

Electro-Magnetic Transparency

Fiberglass is transparent to electromagnetic frequencies such as microwaves and radio waves. Strongwell products are utilized in cellular application on a regular basis due to this characteristic.


FRP is a better insulator as it is electrically non-conductive and shows low thermal conductivity.

Ready to Combat Corrosion

Strongwell ensures complete reinforcement saturation with its proprietary “wet-out” process. FRP is not affected by bugs, withstands a wide range of corrosive environments, and will not rot. Strongwell FRP has proven its advantage for outdoor and indoor applications at restaurants, hotels, water and wastewater treatment facilities, chemical plants, and several other corrosive environments.

The Benefits of Strongwell’s Fiberglass

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The corrosion resistance property of Strongwell's FRP virtually eliminates the need for routine maintenance activities such as painting and repair, making its life cycle costs considerably lower than conventional materials.

No Heavy Lifting or Welding

FRP may need less workers, equipment, and time for installation because of its lightweight. It is possible to field fabricate the fiberglass with standard carpentry tools, reducing downtimes and on-site injuries associated with conventional materials and installation equipment.

Aesthetically Durable

Fiberglass products provide long-lasting good looks due to its ability to survive intense public use and weathering. After installation, users can admire about their investment in FRP as it is aesthetically durable.

Safer for Employees

As FRP is electrically non-conductive, FRP products created with non-skid surfaces can ensure employee safety by providing a safe work environment. One example is SAFRAIL™ fiberglass.


Strongwell has graduate engineers in key positions in general management, manufacturing, QA, sales and marketing. It designs structures with the help of registered structural engineers and offers technical design support to customers. Mechanical engineers design tooling and equipment and carry out FEA analysis on proposed and real pultruded components. The systems and electrical parts are designed by electrical and systems engineers to make efficient equipment. Chemical engineers and chemists ensure the suitability of a range of resin systems utilized by Strongwell. The company is recognized for its technology expertise. Strongwell products have the approval of various certifying agencies.


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Strongwell Corporation.

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