Introducing DURAGRID into the Offshore Oil Market

In 1994, Strongwell launched DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating for the offshore oil market. Recently, the company obtained a panel from this first-generation grating measuring 36" (91 cm) long to conduct a stiffness, strength, and durability study. The study was conducted on a first-generation, randomly selected I6000-38mm panel from an offshore platform (TLP) which was installed in 1996 in the Gulf of Mexico.



A three-point bend test, to failure, was conducted on the panel, on a span measuring 30" (76 cm). It was tested again to measure deflection and any remaining strength.

The panel failed at the test peak load of 6,372 lb (2,890 kg) but was again loaded to the industry-recognized 300 lb (136 kg) load, where the measured deflection was 0.139" (3.5 mm). To achieve the industry-recognized deflection requirement of 0.25" (6.35 mm), the load was increased to 830 lb.

Post-testing, it was found that DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating can support loads higher than typical design loads despite panel failure and being in continuous service for 18 years.


DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating and other products from Strongwell are produced to conform with quality standards, ensuring that they satisfy or surpass published load table values during production.

This durability test study shows that the strength of DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating can meet and exceed the industry-recognized in-service design loads for a service life exceeding 18 years. The measured stiffness reductions are expected to be insignificant.

DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating is a structural substitute for aluminum and steel grating, particularly if long-life durability is a requirement. The material is lighter in weight, needs fewer tools for fabrication, and requires less maintenance. Other benefits include measured strength retention and fire resistance at high service temperatures, and measured impact strength.

DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating

The DURAGRID® Phenolic pultruded grating is the result of Strongwell’s efforts to enhance product strength, impact resistance, and durability. Based on the material’s characteristics, it is expected that the current-generation gratings will perform much better than the first-generation ones in all aspects, including impact resistance, strength, life expectancy, and overall durability.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Strongwell Corporation.

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