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Recently, ABB recently launched a cost effective, highly flexible and modular range of services for measurement products and analyzers known as Measurement Care.

measurement care

Measurement Care is a highly customizable service agreement that basically includes three service modules - one to quickly get a customer’s process back up, one to manage instruments over their lifespan and finally, one that aims at process improvements. These modules are referred to as Rapid Response, Lifecycle Management and Performance Improvement. As part of these services, ABB will help spot and customize the optimal support for a customer’s particular situation.

Benefits of Measurement Care

Let's take a look at the benefits of the Measurement Care program for ABB.

1. What ABB Products Qualify for Measurement Care Agreements?

This includes products used for measuring tension, flatness, thickness, level, temperature, pressure, and flow as well as valve positioners and analyzers of gases and liquids.

2. How does ABB handle support for Measurement Care?

ABB has tried to make it as easy and convenient for customers as possible. Customers have a single point of contact for contract management when required – someone who knows them as well as their agreement terms, conditions and scope of supply.

3. What are Some Service Examples that Fall within the Rapid Response Module?

In case an analyzer or field instrument operation unfavorably affects customer’s process unfavorably to the point that requires a quick action, ABB will agree to send a professional to the customer’s site within a mutually agreed time to get the process quickly back to normal. ABB expedite the right part to facilitate quick repairs. In other conditions, troubleshooting by a specialist through remote support or resident on-site ABB Engineer can result in even faster process recovery. Additionally, ABB gives priority to off-line repairs. This occurs when the company requests customers to unplug the device from the process and ship it to an ABB repair facility. ABB will do the repair and send the device back to the customer within an agreed-upon time.

4. What Measurement Care Services are Available on a Regular Basis?

The inspection and condition monitoring of measurement products and analyzers at regular intervals is also a part of the Lifecycle module. These services help to maximize process uptime throughout the life of an instrument. ABB recommends spare parts inventories for maintaining and/or replacing products when remote or onsite inspections specify the need for these actions.

5. How about Training?

The Lifecycle Module includes flexible training options for customer’s in-house workforce. ABB’s professional training services qualify engineers, maintenance and operations staff for running a productive and safe plant. ABB’s eLearning courses allow customers’ personnel to receive training in ABB’s classrooms, right at their plant, through online or webinar.

6. Can ABB Handle On-Demand Calibration of Measurement Products?

ABB handles on-demand calibration of measurement products. As a matter of fact, the company was the first to introduce an onsite verification of accuracies in the field by its Service Engineers. This removes the necessity and expense of detaching the unit from its installation and shipping to its laboratory. If not, ABB’s global calibration laboratories integrate the latest technology and processes to calibrate all ABB measurement products as well as those from many other manufacturers across the globe. Calibration results are traceable international standards.

7. How do Measurement Care Services Help to Improve Process Performance?

ABB’s service experts possess thorough application knowledge. They can evaluate plant conditions, discover opportunities for improvement and execute a cost-effective performance improvement program. In addition, they will recommend an ongoing upgrade/replacement plan to achieve peak performance of the installed base, keeping customer’s plant competitive.

8. Can ABB Provide Advanced Services to Protect Measurement Integrity and Optimize Process Uptime When ABB Service Engineers are Not On-Site?

It sure does. ABB can remotely check the health and performance of customers’ measurement devices on an agreed-upon timetable. Depending on the results, they will propose a plan to optimize reliability and/or advice practices for predictive maintenance.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Measurement & Analytics.

For more information on this source, please visit ABB Measurement & Analytics.


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