Silicon Nitride (Sialon) Ceramic Applications

Sialons are amongst the strongest and most durable ceramics known. They will survive in even the most arduous industrial environments, in diverse applications in the oil⁄gas, molten metal handling, metal forming, industrial wear and chemical⁄process industries.

Syalons are ceramic alloys and can be tailor-made to suit a vast range of applications. Syalon 101 has excellent thermal shock resistance as a result of its high strength, toughness and thermal conductivity. It is extremely resistant to corrosion by most non-ferrous metals, particularly aluminum. There is therefore no contamination of the melt.

In addition, Syalon 101 is non-wetting for most non-ferrous metals, making it very resistant to build up of dross and therefore very low maintenance. The superior hardness of Syalon 050 allows it to be of particular benefit in many wear applications.

These unique properties give Syalon a significantly better service life over conventional products such as chill cast iron and other ceramic materials.

Sialon Ceramics for Wear Applications

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Sialon Milling Media

When used as a grinding medium for the preparation of industrial and analytical samples, weight losses for Syalon 101 bowls are about 14 per cent of the reported weight loss for agate, alumina, zirconia and tungsten carbide. Generally, milling efficiencies are also improved.

Sialon Shot Blast Nozzles

In shot blasting applications, particularly with aggressive grits, Syalon 050 out-performs conventional nozzles with a life-time of about eight times that of conventional nozzles. Syalon nozzles are light weight and easy to handle. When used with chill cast grits, wear isn't visible even after months of use.

Sialons in the Paper Manufacturing Industry

During the dewatering stage of modern paper manufacture, the excellent wear behavior and thermal shock resistance of Syalon 101 has found use as dewatering foils. The paper travels over the foils at speeds approaching 100 km⁄min, making only the most wear resistant materials, such as Syalon, applicable.

Sialon Ceramics for Non-Ferrous Molten Metal Handling

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Sialon Thermocouple Protection Sheaths

Syalon 101 thermocouple protection sheaths are becoming the industry standard in non-ferrous metal foundries. Syalon 101 exhibits outstanding thermal shock resistance, is non-wetting and suffers no degradation in contact with aluminum and it's alloys.

Sialon Heater and Riser Tubes

The benefits of Syalon 101 for thermocouple sheaths apply equally to heater and riser tubes. International Syalons manufacture a wide array of heater and riser tubes to suit most requirements in the non-ferrous molten metal foundry business.

Sialon Ladles

International Syalons manufacture a range of standard ladles, which offer excellent thermal shock and corrosion resistance, which minimizes contamination of the melt. Ladles can also be made to your own design.

Sialon Ceramics for Various Metal Forming Areas

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Zirconia 3Y-PSZ

Zirconia 3Y-PSZ, although generally not as wear resistant as Syalon, has superior toughness, which make it the material of choice for many wear applications, such as blades for paper cutting.

Sialons in Welding

Syalon 101 and Zirconia 3Y-PSZ are firmly established in the resistance welding sector, particularly as weld location pins for welding captive nuts to body panels in automotive and commercial vehicle assembly. Syalon 101 is especially good in applications where wear resistance, thermal shock resistance and resistance to weld spatter are important. Zirconia 3Y-PSZ however, is more suited to applications where the impact is a problem. Zirconia is probably the toughest and most durable of all ceramics.

Sialons in Extrusion

Extrusion and drawing dies need to posses a demanding combination of properties. These include high strength and outstanding wear resistance, dimensional stability and the ability to give an excellent surface finish. Syalon 101 meet these requirements, as well as having excellent thermal shock resistance.

Sialon Cutting Tips

Cutting tip blanks for milling and turning of cast iron, was one of earliest applications of sialon. The latest generation Syalon 101 and Syalon 050 cutting tips possess outstanding wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and chemical stability, enabling high speed milling of cast iron.

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