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Special Adhesive Packaging Options

In this interview AZoM talks to Venkat Nandivada, Manager of Technical Sales at Master Bond Inc. about special adhesive packaging, how best to use them and the options avalable from Master Bond Inc.

Why does Master Bond offer multiple adhesive packaging options?

These packaging systems provide easy, convenient, time saving dispensing for high, medium, low viscosity liquid adhesives, sealants and coatings. They help to avoid air entrapment, prevent messy handling, eliminate waste, extend product shelf life, and increase application yields. Preproportioned mixing and dispensing packaging are available in a wide range of sizes, quantities have proven quite effective in improving end-user product reliability, and satisfying individual company processing needs for MRO, assembly and bench top use.

What types of special adhesive packaging options are available?

Standard conventional packaging for adhesive systems consist of bottles, jars, cans and pails. Our innovative user friendly packaging options consist of dual cartridges with attachable plastic static mixers, flexible divider pouches with a removable hinge and Semkits® for mixing/applying proportioned materials from a single ready-to-use cartridge from 1 ounce to 20 ounces. The Semkit® cartridge is designed to mix two component materials within the cartridge and can be applied directly manually, semi-automatically or automatically.  A foil barrier separates the two part system and is broken by a plunger rod. Additionally one component syringes for one part adhesives and for premixed and frozen epoxies have been extremely popular.

Custom packaging solutions are commonly employed for which types of polymeric compounds?

Epoxy, silicone, epoxy hybrids such as epoxy polyurethanes, epoxy polysulfides, UV curable compositions lend themselves to many kinds of packaging solutions. Applications range from electronics to fiber optics to medical devices to aerospace to oil and gas devices. Packaging solutions are tailored to meet specific application needs.

Why use premixed and frozen syringes?

This helps prevent problems associated with incorrect mix ratios and air entrapment that can occur when handling two part systems. Systems are weighed and mixed in a controlled environment ensuring consistent, dependable, repeatable performance with a reduced risk of cross contamination. Premixed and frozen compounds only need to be thawed and dispensed. They are packed in dry ice for shipping, are stored by the end user in a freezer at -40°C and are available for use in syringes ranging from 1 cc to 55 cc. Most importantly, they eliminate waste and messy cleanup.

What are the advantages of pneumatic gun dispensers?

Using pneumatic gun applicators gives outstanding accuracy when applying variable mix ratio systems. This helps to simplify operations and achieve consistent bonding results. Speed of dispensing can be adjusted during assembly. A gun applicator also minimizes waste and requires low maintenance. Compact, lightweight units can be used in narrow spaces.

What are the unique features of flexible divider pouch packages?

These single use FlexiPaks® can be supplied in desired quantities in a wide variety of mix ratios and compound viscosities. They are simple to handle. Just remove the plastic divider, mix completely on the corner of a table top, cut a corner and dispense. They eliminate measuring, minimize any mess, save time and decrease the cost of application. Flexible, divider pouch packages are safe to use, improve product shelf life and can be accurately applied. These premeasured and ready to use packages have been particularly effective in products that have unusual mix ratios.

How does Master Bond package UV cure adhesives?

Single part UV/visible light curing adhesives are packaged in amber UV-block and light-block syringes. Black, light proof barrels are used for highly sensitive UV cure materials in a range of sizes from 1cc to 55cc. In special cases the syringes can be stored in plastic pouches for added protection. Different viscosities can be conveniently dispensed manually or automatically from these syringes to provide the end-user precise, accurate, efficient application while enhancing productivity.

What are the benefits of using solid and preformed adhesives?

Ready to use Master Bond film and perform adhesives require no mixing or metering. They offer a no mess solution for bonding/sealing and consistent high quality performance. These products have long storage stability when refrigerated and cure at moderately elevated temperatures. They are used for joining intricate shapes/large surface areas, can offer narrow bond line widths, will not sag or slump and remain in place after application. These adhesives can be deposited on a substrate and do not have to be cured immediately. They minimize waste and prevent contamination of other sensitive components. Bond line uniformity and minimal squeeze out make them an ideal choice over liquid adhesives in many applications.

About Venkat Nandivada

Venkat Nandivada has been the Manager of Technical Support at Master Bond Inc since 2010. He has a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  He analyzes application oriented issues and provides product solutions for companies in the aerospace, electronics, medical, optical, OEM and oil/chemical industries.

Venkat Nandivada

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