Tradeshow Talks with SilcoTek - analytica 2018

Tradeshow Talks with SilcotekHall A2, Booth 214

Tell us about the company and why you are attending analytica 2018?

SilcoTek is the world’s leading provider of CVD coatings used to improve the performance of analytical instruments and related components.  Since Analytica is all about “analysing,” almost every company at the exhibition can find a use for our coatings to see better results from their products.  We are attending as a way to meet these companies and talk to them about how we can collaborate to improve their results from both a technical and business standpoint.

What products are you highlighting at analytica 2018?

We have two coatings which are the most relevant solutions to Analytica 2018 attendees.  Both SilcoNert® 2000 (formerly called Sulfinert) and Dursan® are coatings for stainless steel, glass, ceramics, and other alloys that increase the chemical inertness and corrosion resistance of the sample flow path materials.  These coatings enable more accurate analytical results, longer-lasting parts, and a higher-purity system than with uncoated sample flow path materials.

What makes this product different from anything else on the market?

We call our coatings “game-changing” for a reason!  First, the way we apply the coatings (chemical vapor deposition – or CVD), is very unique compared to most other coatings.  We don’t spray, dip, or paint anything to apply the coating.  Rather, the parts that are getting coated are placed into a vacuum chamber, and then we introduce our raw material (gas) at high temperatures.  This allows for the coating to coat 100% of the parts’ surfaces, even on very complex geometries or narrow internal channels.

Second, the performance of our coatings make them unlike any other material solution that the analytical industry is familiar with for improving chemical inertness.  Customers can get accurate results for highly reactive, challenging compounds like H2S, mercury, ammonia, and more.

Which industries and applications will benefit from this product?

Any process that involves measuring chemical compounds can benefit from SilcoTek coatings.  We are a proven solution for companies in chromatography (both lab and process), biomedical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical / refining, upstream oil and gas exploration, and more.


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