Temperature Sensor Solutions for the Chemical Industry

A large number of processes and products used in the chemical industry are situated in hazardous and potentially explosive locations. Because of this, electrical devices utilized must not be ignition sources. Intrinsically safe devices ensure that ignitable energy cannot develop, even in the event of an electrical fault.

Intrinsic Safety for the Chemical Industry

ABB offer temperature sensors and transmitters with SIL declaration of conformity for use in safety-related applications. ABB’s reliable and long-lasting TSP series of temperature sensors, which connect to the head-mount temperature transmitters TTH200 and TTH300, are built with intrinsically safe circuits to ensure that they do not produce enough energy to generate an explosive event.

Temperature measurement of a process gas with temperature sensor TSP131

Temperature measurement of a process gas with temperature sensor TSP131

Temperature Measurement in the Oil and Gas Industry

For applications in the oil and gas industry, it is of the upmost importance to choose the right thermowells. For instance, some chemical plants require that natural gas is liquefied at extremely low temperatures of -163 °C; thermowells made from ordinary stainless steel are not suitable for use in such low-temperature environments.

Specifically designed thermowells

Specifically designed thermowells

ABB’s specifically designed thermowells, made from high-quality chromiummolybdenum alloy (F44, 1.4547) and developed with input from engineers in the oil and gas industries, offer a solution for these particular measurement tasks. These customized instruments are subjected to a wake frequency assessment which helps to preserve product quality even in very specific situations. Manufacture and documentation of these thermowells is subject to the most stringent of requirements.

Temperature Measurement in the Cement Industry

In the production of cement from raw meal, a rotary kiln operates between 1400 °C and 1500 °C (2552 and 2732 °F) and raw meal preheaters at 1100 °C to 1300 °C (2012 and 2372 °F). Correct and highly accurate temperature control is very important in this process. If temperatures are too low, the product yield is negatively affected. If temperatures are too high, extreme energy consumption can result in a costly process.

High temperature thermometer in use in a furnace

High temperature thermometer in use in a furnace

A precise and robust high-temperature measurement solution will satisfy the need for balance between quality and cost. This is also important regarding safety requirements as cement products tend to be extremely erosive and hot dust can cause a potentially explosive hazardous atmosphere.

ABB’s high-temperature measurement products, engineered to the most precise degree, provide a range of solutions for applications in the cement industry. For measurements of up to 1,100 °C (2,012 °F), simple thermocouples with metal thermowells are an efficient solution. On the other hand, copper elements have a low melting point and are therefore not appropriate for high-temperature measurements in an erosive setting. For such instances, ABB offers precious metal thermocouples with ceramic thermowells, which are tough and resistant to very high temperatures of up to 1,800 °C (3272 °F).

Unique Solutions for Any Task

Multipoint thermometers from ABB are designed individually to suit the respective customer-specific application, providing bespoke solutions to individually defined measurement tasks. The designs of these thermometers include a thermowell with multiple sensors dispersed over its length. This allows temperature measurement from multiple points simultaneously via one vessel entry. A number of models also enable the removal and replacement of the temperature measuring elements without disrupting plant operation.

Multipoint thermometer

Multipoint thermometer

These special measuring devices can be used for a wide variety of different applications across a range of chemical industries. In particular, these thermometers are beneficial for temperature measurement in vessels with uneven temperature distribution. Assembly can be completed either vertically or horizontally. Both RTD based instruments and thermocouple based instruments are available from ABB, subject to the specific requirements of the customer.

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