Determination of Diamidoamine-based Quaternary Ammonium Salts in Fabric Softener According to ASTM D5070

Quaternary ammonium salts comprise the active ingredients in fabric softener, the cost and performance of which can be assessed only by determining their presence with accuracy. This Application Note describes the potentiometric titration of diamidoamine-based quaternary ammonium salts for precise determination.


Fabric Softener

Sample Preparation

To begin with, 1.8 g of sample is weighed accurately and dissolved in 200 mL isopropanol.



Analysis of Samples

2 mL sample is pipetted into a 250 mL beaker, following which 5 mL isopropanol is added. Once this is completely dissolved, 150 mL deionized water and 2 mL of borate buffer solution are added. The stirred solution is then titrated with c(SDS) = 0.004 mol/L until the equivalence point is passed.



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