New Design of Proven Ag Titrode

The Ag Titrode integrates a silver metal electrode and a pH glass electrode; however, the pH glass serves as a reference. Therefore, Titrodes are diaphragm-free. The benefits include the diaphragm not getting clogged, no need for substituting or refilling any reference electrolyte, and the electrode is easy to store in deionized water. This means very convenient management for the best outcomes.

Ag Titrode

Robust Silver Ring for the Highest Quality Demands

The silver metal electrode is fitted with a solid silver ring molten into the glass. Thus, the ring will not dissolve even in higher concentrated mineral acids and any deposits on the electrode can be easily removed. This allows it to be used in dirty samples without impairing the performance of the electrode.

Ag Titrode

Based on the application, an Ag Titrode with an Ag2S, AgCl, or AgBr coating is recommended to be used to increase sensitivity.

  • 6.00430.100—Ag Titrode
  • 6.00404.300—dAg Titrode
  • 6.00470.300—iAg Titrode


  • Suitable for potentiometric titrations of mercaptanes or chloride in a range of matrices
  • More sturdy: solid silver ring molten into the glass
  • The solid silver ring can be easily cleaned
  • Free of maintenance, refilling of electrolyte not needed
  • Accidental scratching of the glass membrane is not an issue while cleaning the silver ring

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