Products that use Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The atmosphere around a package can be actively or passively monitored, as well as altered using modified atmosphere packaging.

Products that use Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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Modified atmospheres are constructed by altering the distribution and natural composition of atmospheric gases within the packaging. This creates an optimal environment that enhances the shelf life, as well as reduces the spoilage and oxidation of perishable food and beverage products.

Modified atmosphere packaging is most commonly used to protect fresh food by reducing oxygen exposure and subsequent oxidation. The oxidation of fresh foods can lead to spoilage, causing changes in flavors, textures and coloration.

This article explores some of the products that make use of modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Coffee

When coffee beans are roasted, carbon dioxide is released. Usually, coffee roasters set the beans aside to cool and de-gas in the open air before packaging, preventing the buildup of CO2 that can cause packets to burst.

However, this process reduces the freshness of the beans. By using modified atmosphere packaging, the loss in freshness can be minimized by reducing the exposure of the coffee to the elements, preventing any changes in flavor.

Meat Packaging

It is crucial that raw meat is correctly packaged as it prevents spoilage and bacterial growth that can be incredibly harmful to consumers.

In meat packaging, the air is replaced with a combination of CO2, nitrogen and low concentrations of CO. This blend of gases minimizes the oxidization of proteins and lipids and prevents the growth of spoilage organisms.

Modified atmosphere packaging that uses high concentrations of CO2 benefits from enhanced flavor and taste compared to those with high O2 quantities.

Legal Cannabis Companies use Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Cannabis products are now legal across many parts of the world. Cannabis companies utilize modified atmosphere packaging to guarantee that their products stay fresher for longer, maintaining a quality consumer experience.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetable companies often use modified atmosphere packaging, such as nitrogen gas flush, in combination with films and barrier packaging.

Fresh produce is particularly sensitive to environmental settings and oxidation, meaning they often require an array of methods to prevent perishing.

Snack Food Products

Snack producers use modified atmosphere packaging to reduce the additives needed in products while making products more convenient for customers.

Barrier packaging is also used to protect product freshness, in conjunction with gas blends to stop spoilage.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging from Environics

An increasing number of food packaging companies are now utilizing modified atmosphere packaging to boost the appearance and shelf life of packaged food.

Environics is committed to ensuring that modified atmosphere packaging gases are accurate and reliable, ensuring the desired quality of products is met.

Environics’ Series 3000 Gas Mixing and Delivery system provides the ability to precisely mix modified atmosphere packaging gases, ensuring that the shelf life and quality of food products are maintained.


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