How Durr NDT Collaborated with Airbus Defense and Space

As a division of the AIRBUS Group, AIRBUS Defence and Space specializes in building military and civil spacecraft and aircraft systems. This division has been utilizing the HD-CR 35 NDT image plate scanner by DÜRR NDT since 2009.

 “Even the initial trials were very good,” says Axel Dörr, who is responsible for Quality Inspection/NDI at Airbus DS in Hardthausen.

In the summer of 2009, at the Bremen locations of Astrium (as it was then known), inspectors were looking at latch valves for damage or deformation of the internal bellows. “The superior flexibility of the HD-CR 35 NDT and its especially high resolution allied with maximum defect detection convinced us to qualify and approve further propulsion systems with it as well,” says Dörr.

How Durr NDT Collaborated with Airbus Defense and Space

Image Credit: DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG

DÜRR NDT technology has since been used at Airbus DS in Lampoldshausen to inspect the welding seams of propulsion systems for a range of satellites. This included the Spacebus 4000 platform, the Eurostar 3000 platform, and the supply module for the ISS, known as ATV.

The HD-CR 35 NDT was also utilized for weld seam testing at an international level, as is seen in Argentina’s satellites ArSat-1 and ArSat-2 and Israel’s telecommunications satellites AMOS-4 and AMOS-6.

Around 8,000 images are captured annually. “In particular, the sequence of individual steps in the working process is optimized compared with conventional radiography,” explains Dörr.

The previous procedure involved exposing thirty to forty films and then developing and evaluating them as a batch. “Now we can scan and evaluate each image as soon as it is captured. This significantly simplifies the process.

Another advantage of the HD-CR 35 NDT is that it can be used for on-location testing, as it does not require an on-site darkroom, only a 230 V power connection. The scanner is also robust enough for mobile use. “We have transported it several times throughout the world by truck and aircraft,” says Dörr.

The HD-CR 35 NDT not only provides optimal handling but also impressive quality. “We demand the highest standards in the space business, so we could not simply assume that the image plate scanner would meet our requirements,” Dörr explains. “Only after a comprehensive qualification and numerous comparisons of film and plate scans were we able to conclude that the image plate scanning system is directly equivalent to film radiography. It fulfills our highest expectations. For example, with a single wire IQI in a 1:1 scan, W19 is visible, and a duplex wire IQI can be resolved to D13 plus.”

When procurement and qualification costs are considered and consumed material savings and process optimization are taken into account, the system repays the initial outlay in just 1.36 years. “For this reason, we have purchased a further device,” says Dörr.

The new HD-CR 35 NDT+ offers adjustable laser focus (TreFoc technology) and several other features. Both the original system and the new scanner are in general use every day.

 Further to this, DÜRR NDT has become a reliable partner to Airbus Defence and Space. “The DÜRR NDT support is outstanding,” elucidates Dörr. “Whenever we have questions, there is a professional available to advise and help us, either by remote connection to the system or visit of a technician − although so far it has only proved necessary during routine maintenance.”

HD-CR 35 NDT: The benchmark all-purpose Imaging Plate Scanner.

HD-CR 35 NDT: The benchmark all-purpose Imaging Plate Scanner. Image Credit: DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG.

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