Tin / Silver (Sn / Ag ) Alloy Solders - Properties and Applications


Tin/silver alloys were developed as an alternative to lead-containing solders. Typical commercial tin/silver alloys contain between 3 and 5% silver.

Tin/Silver solders are used for high temperature, high reliability interconnect applications. Solder joints using Tin/Silver alloys maintain better high temperature strength then tin/lead solders.

Key Properties

The Tin 96.5/Silver 3.5 eutectic has a melting point of 221°C.

The Tin 95/Silver 5 alloy has slightly higher melting point.


Tin/Silver solders are used for:

        Electronic assemblies

        Die attachments

        Thick films

        Soldering applications where lead use is prohibitive such as pipe joints that come into contact with water and/or foodstuffs

        Central heating and hot water pipes where temperatures are high and temperature changes can result in sudden contraction in the solder joint.

        Soldering of jewellery due to the alloys ability to maintain high levels of brightness

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    Will tin silver solder produce an effective joint when used on epns cutlery ?

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