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Electrical Resistivity of Thin Metal Films

Electrical Resistivity of Thin Metal Films

The physical behaviour of thin films often remarkably deviates from that of the corresponding bulk material. The intent of this book is to report on the electrical, optical, and structural properties of silver and gold films in dependence on substrate material, annealing treatment, and gas adsorption. A main point is the calculation of the scattering cross section of the conduction electrons, which should provide an estimation of the influence of residual gases during the film production as well as the reliability for technical applications such as conducting connections in microelectronics; specially tailored optical elements or supported catalysts are emphasized. All these results are substantiated by extended experimental data, as well as numerous illustrations and tables.

Written for:

  • Scientists working in this field


  • Electrical and Optical Properties
  • Gas Adsorption
  • Scattering Hypothesis
  • Surface Science
  • Thin Films

Table of contents

Introduction.- Scattering Hypothesis.- The Effect of Annealing on the Electrical Resistivity of Thin Silver Films.- The Effect of Annealing on the Electrical Resistivity of Thin Gold Films.- The Interaction of Oxygen and Ethylene with Silver and Gold Films.- Other Adsorbates on Silver and Gold Films.- Further Selected Adsorption Systems.- Conclusions and Outlook.

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