Unified Numbering System for Nonferrous Metals and Alloys

The Unified Numbering System (UNS), is a designation system is formed by American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) E52 and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1086 to correlate systems that are adopted by Aluminum Association (AA), ASTM, individuals and others users.

The UNS designation assignments for metals and alloys are established by ASTM or other appropriate trade associations. Each assigner administers a specific UNS designation series, considers the request for assignment of new designations to be included into the system and notifies the action taken towards the assignments to the applicants. The assigners also reports the details of new assignments to the office for the Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys immediately

This designation system has 9 sets of designations for nonferrous metals and alloys. Each designation comprises five digit numbers preceded by a single- letter prefix. The letter in the designation indicates the identified metal family in many cases: for instance, A - Aluminum and Aluminum alloys, C - Copper and Copper Alloys, N - Nickel and Nickel alloys, etc.

The UNS number does not require quality, condition, form, etc and hence it is not merely a specification. The UNS number rather serves as a distinct identification of metals and alloys, which have formerly established control limits.

The correlation provided by UNS avoids the confusion resulting from having same identification number for two or more materials and by the usage of more than one number for the same material. In addition, the UNS provides the uniformity required for purposes of cross referencing, storage and retrieval of data, maintaining record and efficient indexing.

Table 1. UNS Designations (or Codes) Established for Nonferrous Metals and Alloys

A00001-A99999 Aluminum and aluminum alloys
A01001-A63562 Aluminum Foundry Alloys, Ingot or Casting
A82014-A87475 Wrought Aluminum Alloys Clad with Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Non- or Heat Treatable
A91030- A91450 Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Non- Heat Treatable
A93002-A95954 Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Non- Heat Treatable
A98001-A98280 Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Non- Heat Treatable
A92001-A92618 Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Heat Treatable
A96002-A97472 Wrought Aluminum Alloys, Heat Treatable
C00001-C99999 Copper and copper alloys
Wrought Alloys
C10100-C15760 Pure and Low Alloyed Copper (>99%Cu)
C16200-C16500 Cadmium Copper
C17000-C17700 Copper-Beryllium Alloy (Beryllium Bronzes)
C18000-C19900 Copper and High Copper Alloys (>96%Cu)
C20500-C29800 Brasses (Cu-Zn)
C31000-C35600 Leaded Brasses (Cu-Zn-Pb )
C40400-C49080 Tin Brasses (Cu-Zn-Sn-Pb)
C50100-C52900 Phosphor bronzes (Cu-Sn-P)
C53200-C54800 Leaded Phosphor Bronzes
C55180-C56000 Cu-Ag-P and Cu-P Brazing Filler Metal
C60600-C64400 Aluminum Bronzes
C64700-C66100 Silicon Bronzes
C66200-C66420 Copper Alloys
C66700-C67820 Manganese Bronzes
C68000-C69950 Silicon Brasses and Other Copper-Zinc Alloys
C70100-C72950 Copper-Nickel Alloys
C73150-C79900 Nickel Silvers and Leaded Nickel Silvers
Cast alloys
C80100-C81200 Cast Coppers (>99%Cu)
C81300-C82800 Cast Chromium Copper and Beryllium Copper Alloys (>96%Cu)
C83300-C85800 Cast Red, Yellow and Leaded Brasses
C86100-C86800 Cast Manganese Bronzes and Leaded Manganese Bronzes
C87300-C87900 Cast Silicon Brasses and Bronzes
C89320-C89940 Cast Cu-Sn-Bi-(Se, Zn, Ni) Alloys
C90200-C94500 Tin Bronzes and Leaded Tin Bronzes
C94700-C94900 Cast Nickel-Tin Bronzes
C95200-C95810 Cast Aluminum Bronzes
C96200-C96800 Cast Copper-Nickel Alloys
C97300-C97800 Cast Nickel-Silver Alloys
C98200-C98840 Cast Leaded Copper Alloys
C99300-C99750 Cast Copper Alloys
E00001-E99999 Rare earth and rare earth-like metals and alloys
E00000-E00999 Actinium
EO1000-E20999 Cerium
E21000-E45999 Mixed rare earths
E46000-E47999 Dysprosium
E48000-E49999 Erbium
E50000-E51999 Europium
E52000-E55999 Gadolinium
E56000-E57999 Holmium
E58000-E67999 Lanthanum
E68000-E68999 Lutetium
E69000-E73999 Neodymium
E74000-E77999 Praseodymium
E78000-E78999 Promethium
E79000-E82999 Samarium
E83000-E84999 Scandium
E85000-E86999 Terbium
E87000-E87999 Thulium
E88000-E89999 Ytterbium
E90000-E99999 Yttrium
L00001-L99999 Low-melting metals and alloys
L00001-L00999 Bismuth
L01001-L01999 Cadmium
L02001-L02999 Cesium
L03001-L03999 Gallium
L04001-L04999 Indium
L06001-L06999 Lithium
L07001-L07999 Mercury
L08001-L08999 Potassium
L09001-L09999 Rubidium
L10001-L10999 Selenium
L11001-L11999 Sodium
L13001-L13999 Tin
L50001-L59999 Lead
M00001-M99999 Miscellaneous nonferrous metals and alloys
M00001-M00999 Antimony
M01001-M01999 Arsenic
M02001-M02999 Barium
M03001-M03999 Calcium
M04001-M04999 Germanium
M05001-M05999 Plutonium
M06001-M06999 Strontium
M07001-M07999 Tellurium
M08001-M08999 Uranium
M10001-M19999 Magnesium
M20001-M29999 Manganese
M30001-M39999 Silicon
P00001-P99999 Precious metals and alloys
P00001-P00999 Gold
P01001-P01999 Iridium
P02001-P02999 Osmium
P03001-P03999 Palladium
P04001-P04999 Platinum
P05001-P05999 Rhodium
P06001-P06999 Ruthenium
P07001-P07999 Silver
R00001-R99999 Reactive and refractory metals and alloys
R01001-R01999 Boron
R02001.R02999 Hafnium
R03001-R03999 Molybdenum
R04001.R04999 Niobium (Columbium)
R05001-R05999 Tantalum
R06001-R06999 Thorium
R07001.R07999 Tungsten
R08001-R08999 Vanadium
R10001.R19999 Beryllium
R20001-R29999 Chromium
R30001.R39999 Cobalt
R40001.R49999 Rhenium
R50001-R59999 Titanium
R60001-R69999 Zirconium
W00001-W99999 Welding filler metals, classified by weld deposit composition
W60000-W69999 Copper base alloys
W70000-W79999 Surfacing alloys
W80000-W89999 Nickel base alloys
Z00001-Z99999 Zinc and zinc alloys

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