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Handbook Of Solid-State Lasers

Handbook Of Solid-State Lasers

  • Reviews the materials used in solid-state lasers
  • Explores the principles of solid-state laser systems and their applications
  • Considers defence and environmental applications
    • Solid-state lasers that offer a number of desirable qualities including high robustness, reliability, efficiency and wavelength diversity, are highly indispensable for a number of applications. The Handbook Of Solid-State Lasers focuses on the key processes, materials, and applications of solid-state lasers in a broad variety of fields.

      Part one provides an overview of solid-state laser materials. Oxide laser ceramics, fluoride laser crystals, crystals and fluoride laser ceramics doped by rare earth and transition metal ions are discussed alongside erbium, neodymium, and ytterbium laser glasses, and nonlinear crystals for solid-state lasers. Part two talks about solid-state laser systems and their applications, starting with a discussion of the principles, powering and operation regimes for solid-state lasers. The use of neodymium-doped materials is considered, followed by system sizing issues with diode-pumped quasi-three level materials, erbium glass lasers, and microchip, fiber, Raman and cryogenic lasers. Laser mid-infrared systems, laser induced breakdown spectroscope and the clinical applications of surgical solid-state lasers are also explored. Using solid-state lasers in defense programs is then reviewed, before the book concludes by presenting some environmental applications of solid-state lasers.

      With its distinguished editors and international team of expert contributors, the Handbook of solid-state lasers is an authoritative guide for all those involved in the design and application of this technology, including laser and materials scientists and engineers, medical and military professionals, environmental researchers, and academics working in this field.

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