High Performance TE Cooled InGaAs Spectrometer - Sol 2.6

The Sol™ 2.6 is a high performance linear InGaAs array spectrometer with 256 pixels. It has an ability to provide high dynamic range and high throughput with TE Cooling down to -15°C through a built-in 3-stage cooler. It is USB 2.0 plug-and-play compatible, and is provided with a built-in 16-bit digitizer and a SMA 905 fiber optic input. Dark non-uniformity and dark current can be automatically reduced due to the built-in autozero function, thus increasing signal-to-noise ratio. Four types of operation modes including maximum sensitivity, high sensitivity, maximum dynamic and high dynamic can be selected using the software control. Application support and customized spectral resolution are available.


The Sol 2.6 has the following applications:

  • Quality control
  • Process monitoring
  • Biological applications
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • On-line analyzer

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