Exemplar Plus - High Performance Smart Spectrometer

The Exemplar® Plus from B&W Tek is a high performance smart spectrometer that utilizes a low stray light unfolded Czerny-Turner spectrograph. It has a highly sensitive TE Cooled back-thinned (BT) CCD detector, which is linearly summed for high dynamic range.

The Exemplar Plus’s long focal length combined with a high quantum efficiency detector provides excellent data quality across the entire 190-1100 nm spectral range. It has a high signal to noise ratio, which makes it perfect for low light level applications. It also has an integrated shutter that enables dark scan measurements, even while illuminated.

As a member of the Exemplar product line, it features USB 3.0 communication and on board data processing. The Exemplar product line is also optimized for multi-channel operation, which features gate jitter and ultra-low trigger.

As a standard configuration, the Exemplar Plus comes with: a LVF filter, wavelength range of 200 - 850 nm, a spectral resolution of 1.5 nm, 25 µm slit, and a ruled grating (800 mm/250 nm).


The key applications of the Exemplar Plus are as follows:

  • Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Low light level UV to NIR spectroscopy
  • Gas and water analysis
  • On-line process monitoring
  • LED characterization
  • LCD display measurement


The key features of the Exemplar Plus are as follows:


On-board processing including averaging, smoothing, and dark compensation.


Obtains and transfers over 140 spectra/second at an integration time of 6.3 ms.


Supports up to 32 devices with gate jitter (+/- 20 ns) and ultra-low trigger delay (95 ns).

Signal to noise ratio:

On-board Averaging 1 ~540
On-board Averaging 10 ~1900
On-board Averaging 100 ~4800

Additional Features

  • High UV, Vis, and NIR response
  • Detector elements: 2048
  • Over 60% QE at 200 nm
  • Integrated shutter
  • Configurable cooling temperature (0° default)
  • Over 90% peak QE


The key specifications of the Exemplar Plus are as follows:

Power Input 5 V DC @ 6 A (Maximum at Startup)
5 V DC @ 2.5 A (Typical at Normal Operation)
Detector Type Back-thinned CCD Array
Wavelength Range 190 nm - 1100 nm
Detector Pixel Format 2048 Effective Detector Elements
Effective Pixel Size 14 µm x ~0.9 mm
Spectrograph f/# 3.6
Spectrograph Optical Layout Standard Czerny-Turner
Dynamic Range 50,000 (Typical)
Digitizer Resolution 16-bit or 65,535:1
Data Transfer Speed >140 Spectra per Second at Integration Time of 6.3ms in Burst Mode
Trigger Delay 95 ns +/- 20 ns (call for timing diagram)
Readout Speed > 400 kHz
Integration Time 6.3 ms, Adjustable in 1 µs Increments
Aux Port External Trigger, 4 Digital Outputs (2 with Shutter Control), 2 Digital Inputs, Analog Input, Analog Output and System Reset
Operating Temperature 5 °C - 35 °C
Operational Relative Humidity 85% Noncondensing
CCD Cooling Default: 0 °C at Ambient of 25 °C.
Weight 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
Dimensions 7.40 in x 5.05 in x 2.80 in (188 mm x 128 mm x 71 mm)
Computer Interface USB 3.0 / 2.0
Operating Systems Windows: 7, 8 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Technical Details


Entrance Slit

Slit Option Dimensions Approx. Resolution 350-750 nm
10 µm 10 µm wide x 1 mm high Call
25 µm 25 µm wide x 1 mm high ~1.8 nm
50 µm 50 µm wide x 1 mm high ~2.9 nm
100 µm 100 µm wide x 1 mm high ~4.5 nm
200 µm 200 µm wide x 1 mm high Call
Custom Slit Widths Available

Diffraction Grating

Best Efficiency Spectral Coverage (nm) Grating
Vis / NIR 350 - 1050 400/550
NIR 750 - 1050 1000/900
UV-NIR 190 - 1100 300/280
UV 190 - 380 1500/250
Custom Configurations Available

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