The 38DLP Ultrasonic Thickness Gage from Olympus

The 38DLP is an innovative ultrasonic thickness gage with a weight of about 0.814 kg. It is easy to operate, rugged and compact, and is suitable for ultrasonic thickness application.

Thick, thin, or multilayer materials can be measured using single element transducers. A host of application-specific software options, and powerful and easy-to-use measurement features are included in the 38DLP ultrasonic thickness gage. It is provided with a sealed case for satisfying the IP67 requirements to tolerate rigors of dusty or wet environments. It also consists of a color transflective VGA display which gives good clarity in sunlight and even at dark. A simple and ergonomic keypad is present in the 38DLP to ensure that all functions can be easily accessed. An alphanumeric data logger in the 38DLP helps in obtaining and transferring waveform data and thickness readings. USB and RS-232 communication ports are used for communicating GageView interface program with 38DLP.

Key Features

The key features of the 38DLP Ultrasonic Thickness Gage are:

  • Compatible with single and dual element transducer
  • Thickness, velocity, and time-of-flight measurements
  • Corrosion thickness gaging with dual element transducers
  • Multilayer software option for simultaneously measuring up to four layers
  • 10,000 reviewable readings per scan can be obtained in time-based B-scan mode
  • Internal Oxide/Scale software option
  • Has wide thickness range of about 0.08 mm to 635 mm based on material and transducer selection
  • THRU-COAT and Echo-to-Echo measurements on painted and coated surfaces
  • V-Path builder for custom V-path compensation
  • Differential mode and Reduction Rate mode
  • High Resolution software option of 0.001 mm or 0.0001 in. with single element transducers 2.25 MHz to 30 MHz
  • Standard resolution of 0.01 mm for all transducers
  • High penetration software option for attenuating materials such as fiberglass, rubber and thick casting.
  • Protective rubber boot with gage stand
  • Internal and External MicroSD memory card storage
  • VGA output to connect to computer or monitor
  • Onboard DB Grid View with three programmable colors

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