Providing High-Quality Images for Any Environment with 3D Modeling with the IPLEX NX Videoscope

IPLEX NX Videoscope from Evident offers a combination of highest quality images, ergonomic design, insightful user interface, and durability for efficient inspection in almost all environments.

Its bright, clear images and powerful measurement features are designed to surpass expectations.

Measure with Confidence Using 3D Modeling

It is now even easier to select the right measurement point.

3D modeling can be used to view the details of what is being inspected from multiple angles, rendering it easy to denote the precise location of the measurement points.

Instantly Confirm Measurement Objects

  • Measurement points can be precisely chosen for faster inspections
  • The right points can be selected in the first instance to limit the need to re-measure
  • 3D modeling allows the shape and complexity of the target to be viewed clearly

Set Reference Lines as Needed

  • 3D images make reliable reference lines on complex components possible, for example, the edge of a turbine blade
  • Minimize the possibility of misalignment

Make Confident Depth Measurements

  • Confirming the reference plane is insightful
  • The measurement points can be designated with confidence to ensure reliable depth measurements

Highest Quality Images from Evident

The IPLEX NX Videoscope provides sharp, high-resolution images. Its consistent image quality improves the possibility of detection, therefore helping the user make clear decisions and maintain vital systems.

Expanded Measurement Capabilities

Sophisticated, user-friendly stereo measurement ensures wider coverage for rapid, efficient inspections.

See the Big Picture

  • Super wide stereo measurement expands the measurable area by 4x* in comparison with a traditional model
  • Enables easy measurement of the distance of a defect in the blade root or a crack in a combustion chamber

*When contrasted with a conventional 6.0 mm diameter scope with a direct viewing stereo optical adaptor.

Convenient Scalar Measurement

  • A reference line can be easily set to use scalar measurement without the need to modify the tip adaptor

Real-Time Measurement with Multi Spot-Ranging

  • Real-time surface shape information can be obtained without discontinuing the inspection
  • The exclusive Multi Spot-Ranging function allows real-time measurement of the distance from the scope tip to various points on the inspection surface
IPLEX® NX Videoscope Tutorial Series: Stereo Measurement

Providing High-Quality Images for Any Environment with 3D Modeling

Instantly Confirm Measurement Objects
Set Reference Lines Where You Want Them
Make Confident Depth Measurements
See Clearly - Exceptional image clarity enables you to see tiny defects in stunning detail.
See More - Laser diode illumination system is up to 4 times brighter than conventional videoscopes.
Large Touch-Screen Monitor

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