The BondMaster 600 Multimode Bond Tester from Evident

Evident’ BondMaster® 600 comprises of multi-mode bond testing software coupled with highly advanced digital electronics, which together are able to provide reliable, clear and high-quality signals.

The BondMaster 600 is capable of analyzing metal-to-metal bonds, honeycomb composite, or laminate composite with superior ease because of its well-designed interface and direct-access keys. The interface is in-built with presets to assist various common applications. This tester is user-friendly and allows reporting and archiving.

The BondMaster 600 is designed with several basic inspection methods such as resonance, pitch-catch swept, pitch-catch impulse, pitch-catch RF and a mechanical impedance analysis (MIA) method.

Key Features

The main features of the BondMaster® 600 include:

  • Designed to meet IP66 requirements
  • Battery life of up to 9 hours
  • 5.7in color VGA display that has good clarity
  • On-board file preview
  • Up to two real-time readings
  • Choice of full-screen in various display modes
  • Instant display mode button using the RUN key
  • Direct-access key gain adjustment
  • New SCAN view
  • New SPECTRUM view and frequency tracking option
  • Page screen with an all-settings configuration
  • Storage capacity of up to 500 files
  • Matches current BondMaster probes (PowerLink) and probes from other manufacturers

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