High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor - LTF-631 for Rapidly Reacting Materials

The LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor is designed for the study of rapidly reacting materials in Research and Development, Quality Assurance or Quality Control, and Production applications involving thermoset materials such as resins, composites, paints and coatings. The 10Hz to 10kHz frequency range of the LTF-631 enables excellent sensitivity for SMC/BMC and UV curing systems, and the associated thermocouple input allows correlation of temperature with cure rate and material properties.

Key Features

The key features of the LTF-631 are:

  • The LTF-631 is available with a maximum of four dielectric channels.
  • Each channel consists of one mid-conductivity dielectric sensor input and one thermocouple input.
  • A single-channel instrument may be upgraded at any time with additional channels. In addition to the dielectric channel(s), the LTF-631 has two general analog inputs which may be used for pressure sensors and LVDT signals.
  • The CureView Data Acquisition Software has functions for defining cure monitoring parameters; data acquisition, analysis and recall; plotting and printing.
  • When used with either disposable or reusable dielectric sensors, also available from Lambient Technologies, or the user’s own sensors, the LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor and CureView data acquisition software form a complete measurement system for studying dielectric material properties in all processing environments.


The applications of the LTF-631 are:

  • Formulation, reaction rate and cure studies
  • Diffusion studies
  • Cure and process development
  • Materials testing
  • Statistical quality control
  • Cure and process monitoring.

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