Reusable Dielectric Sensor: Ceramicomb-1" - for Presses, Molds, or Harsh Environments

The Ceramicomb-1” is designed for use in presses, molds or harsh environments where a rugged, reusable dielectric sensor is desired. It is mounted such that the electrodes are flush with a platen or mold surface, insuring no interference with the flow of material during processing.

Key Features

Key features of the Ceramicomb-1” are:

  • The sensor is constructed with silver-palladium electrodes embedded in an alumina substrate, protected by a stainless steel sheath with a nominal 1.0” (2.54cm) diameter.
  • A thermocouple is positioned in the ceramic just below the surface to allow measurement of process temperatures.
  • Dielectric and thermocouple signals are routed through a 10ft (3m) long stainless steel conduit to high temperature connectors.
  • Sensor and cabling are rated for operation up to 250°C and are suitable for R&D, QA/QC and manufacturing applications with repetitive operations.

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