LT-4203 Parallel Plate Fixture for AC Loss Measurements

The LT-4203 Parallel Plate Test Cell available from Lambient Technologies is specifically designed for measuring the AC loss permittivity and characteristics of solid panels and laminates according to ASTM Standard D150-98. The equipment implements the guarded electrode measurement as the referee technique. The standard sense electrode measures 6.0cm in diameter.

The electrode separation can be adjusted to house a variety of sample thicknesses. In addition, a removable micrometer head helps in measuring electrode separation prior to testing. The guard electrode, which measures 1.0cm in width, removes fringing electric fields around the sense electrode for precise estimation of test cell capacitance. A grounded frame surrounds both electrodes and functions as a Faraday cage in order to reduce pick-up of external electrical noise.

The LT-4203 has a maximum operating temperature of 150°C, thus enabling measurement of dielectric properties at increased temperatures. The equipment can also be modified for operation up to 200°C upon request.

Key Features

The main features of the LT-4203 Parallel Plate Test Cell are:

  • Adjustable ZERO reference
  • On/off switch
  • Direct mm in conversion
  • Absolute/Incremental readings
  • Removable micrometer head
  • Maximum operating temperature is 150°C
  • Can be modified for operation up to 200°C
  • Can be used with generic LCR meters or Lambient LT-451 Dielectric Cure Monitor.

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