Mini-Varicon Dielectric/Conductivity Sensor from Lambient Technologies

The Mini-Varicon dielectric/conductivity sensor, available from Lambient Technologies, is designed for use with molds, laminates, presses, and bulk materials. It is modeled on a polyimide substrate and can enable users to select high or low sensitivity utilizing the whole sensor or by cutting off portions of the array at an assigned line. The sensor can be supplied either with custom-length Teflon-insulated leads or without leads.

The Mini-Varicon sensor measures 1.5” (4.0cm) in length and 0.004” (100µm) in thickness, and its tin-plated electrodes contain 0.004” (100µm) widths and spaces. It can measure the given materials’ dielectric/conductive properties within approximately 0.004” (100µm) of the electrode surface.

The Mini-Varicon sensor is ideal for high pressure applications. It is suitable for evaluating the dielectric properties and cure state of epoxies, molding compound (SMC), bulk molding compound (BMC), RIM, thermosets, urethanes, silicones and composite materials.

Key Features

The main features of the Mini- Varicon dielectric/conductivity sensor are as follows:

  • Thin, flexible dielectric sensor
  • Modeled on a polyimide substrate
  • Suitable for high pressure applications
  • Tolerates temperatures up to 375°C without leads and operates up to 200°C with leads

Key Specifications

The main specifications of the Mini-Varicon dielectric/conductivity sensor are given in the table below:

Dimensions: Length, sensor head 1.6” (4.0 cm)
Width, sensor head 0.75” (1.9 cm)
Thickness, sensor head 0.004” (100 um)
Width, electrode 0.004” (100 um)
Spacing, electrode 0.004” (100 mm)
Composition: Substrate, sensor head Polyimide
Electrodes Copper with tin flash
Lead insulation Teflon
Operational: Temperature, maximum 375 °C (700 °F) without leads
200 °C (392 °F) with supplied leads
Sensor Parameters: Configuration A (mid sensitivity) A/D ratio: 80 cm
Base capacitance: ~25 pF*
Configuration B (low sensitivity A/D ratio: 7.2 cm
Base capacitance: ~3 pF*

* Actual value may vary

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