Multichannel Fiber Optic Spectrometer for Process Control

AvaSpec multi-channel spectrometers from Avantes are designed to meet every requirement of users; from more precise measurements across a wide range to multiple measurements simultaneously for process control.

Users can choose from Avantes’ range of spectrometer detectors, and select different gratings or slits.

There are two enclosure options available - the 19” rack-mountable which holds a maximum of 10 spectrometers, and the 9” desktop housing for up to four channels.

For USB2 version, all channels are connected to the computer via a single USB2-cable. For the EVO series, an Ethernet and USB3 version is available. The Ethernet version (ETH) supports four channels as standard. With the extra hub installed, it can handle up to 10 channels.

Download the Brochure for More Information

Key Benefits

  • Combines up to 10 channels in a single enclosure
  • Varied integration times and averaging settings possible for every channel
  • Any channel is fully configurable to the users’ needs
  • Suitable for process control

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