Raman Spectrometers for Excitation, Detection and Analysis

Raman Spectroscopy enables individual spectral ‘fingerprints’ of materials to be obtained. Raman spectroscopy is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical fields to provide information about which molecules are present in a sample.

To provide Avantes customers with optimal performance at a reasonable price, the company has collaborated with two partners to provide three different easy-to-use Raman Bundles comprising of a great spectrometer (three different models), an excellent Software package to examine the Raman spectra, and a unique Laser-Probe combination (785 nm) supplying enhanced signals.

Three Different Types of Raman Measurements

Raman methods are used for several different materials. The Avantes bundles are ideal for the use of liquids and powders. When strong signals are available (aromatic compounds, alcohol-based liquids), the Ava-Raman-A can be used to perform the measurement.

When weak Raman signals occur (integration time more than five seconds) the thermo-electric-cooled (TEC) spectrometer is suggested for use. This is incorporated in the Ava-Raman-B. If very weak signals (possibly along with fluorescence background), the Ava-Raman-C is suggested for use (higher quantum efficiency in NIR and improved signal to noise performance).

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  • Semiconductors
  • Mineralogy and gemology
  • Raw materials identification
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics

What Comes in Each Bundle


The AvaLaser785 comes with 785 nm laser safety goggles. It has an ultra-high-throughput integrated Raman probe. This novel device has an incorporated wavelength stabilized laser source with Raman filter packs, high-efficiency Raman spectra collection optics, and beam shaping optics.


  • 785 nm wavelength stabilized excitation source
  • High throughput optical design with 100 cm-1 Cut-on
  • External control box for power adjustment (manually/software controlled)


AvaSoft-Raman: Basic standalone software to acquire spectra.

Panorama-Light: Panorama Light is a modular, sophisticated software platform for spectroscopic data assessment.

The application matches all requirements for a full spectroscopy working environment, offering:

  • Measurement with an instrument
  • 2D and 3D data visualization
  • Conversion of several known data formats
  • Archiving in spectral libraries, including extra information
  • Sharing data with office applications Panorama Light is designed to perfectly assist users and to keep them focused on their daily tasks
  • Searching in libraries
  • Printing with professional print templates


Avantes offers sophisticated spectrometers based on the Avantes Star- and SensLine spectrometers, custom-made for the best possible performance in the Raman range of interest.

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