Lake Shore Model 8407 Hall Measurement System (HMS)

Model 8407 AC/DC Hall Effect measurement system (HMS) available from Lake Shore Cryotronics enables users to measure the electronic properties of the latest semiconductor and electronic materials being developed for applications, such as new display technologies, photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials, organic electronics, and high power devices.

The Model 8407 includes a 7-inch magnet for determining mobilities at the low end of the DC field measurement range, from 1 to 106cm2/V s. Similar to the Model 8404 with 4-inch magnet, the 8407 can be ordered with AC field measurement capabilities, enabling measurement of materials with very low mobilities. These materials comprise photovoltaics and organic/thermoelectric electronic materials, which exhibit electronic properties that can be complicated to measure with DC field Hall methods.

The 8407 HMS includes a software that allows both Hall bar and van der Pauw measurements, measuring samples with gated Hall bars to account for gate bias, performing time loops of measurements for longer unattended operation, setting up loops with different temperatures and gate voltages, etc.

Key Features

The main features of the Model 8407 AC/DC Hall Effect measurement system are:

  • Maximum DC field of 2.3 T
  • Resistances from 10µΩ to 200GΩ
  • Temperatures from 10K to 1273K
  • Suitable for variable temperature measurement and mobilities from 1 to 106cm2/V s
  • Includes external water manifold

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