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Measuring Magnetic Fields in a Wide Variety of Applications

The F71 and F41 Teslameters

Lake Shore offers Cryotronics F71 and F41 teslameters, both of which are equipped with FP Series proves, that can be used in a wide variety of applications that require magnetic fields to be measured at a highly precise, convenient and dependable manner.

Product Features

  • Equipped with TruZeroTM technology
    • Eliminates any potential errors associated with magnetic field measurements
    • Measurements can be acquired with confidence
    • Does not require re-zero probes to be used
  • Available with new 2DexTM Hall sensor probes
    • Provides more accurate measurements from smaller active areas
    • Improved linearity performance rates
  • Built-in temperature and field compensation
    • Improved accuracy of field readings over a wide range of operating conditions
  • Uncluttered touchscreen
    • Uses icons, gestures and navigation techniques that are familiar to any smartphone user
  • TiltViewTM display
    • Comfortable to see and operate
    • Improved touchscreen experience
    • Easily displays instruments that are either bench- or rack-mounted
  • Low-temperature coefficient electronics
    • Reduces warm-up times to minutes
  • Smaller, ultra-thin Hall sensor
    • Activate areas allow for improved accuracy
  • Handheld probes
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Allow for quick and convenient measurements
    • Multiple options available for a wide range of applications
    • Can be interchanged quickly and hassle-free through the use of a unified quick-release connector
  • 3 year standard warranty

First Look: F41 and F71 Teslameters

First Look: F41 and F71 Teslameters and FP Series Hall Probes

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