High Quality Thermal Desorption Tubes, Accessories and Spares

Markes, a company specializing in high-quality analytical thermal desorption products, offers quality-assured thermal desorption tubes, spares and accessories.

Customers can purchase thermal desorption spares, accessories and consumables by referring the Accessories & Consumables catalogue given in the company’s website.

Key Features

The main features of the thermal desorption tubes, accessories and spares are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Capping and conditioning service for tubes that are ready to use on delivery
  • All tubes barcoded for rapid automation and etched with unique serial number for easy identification
  • Flexible options for tube etching, banding, and labeling
  • Stringent quality control of every tube
  • ISO 9001-accredited manufacturing procedures
  • Widest range of sorbent tubes and related accessories
  • Online shop for simple, secure and rapid ordering

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