BenchTOF Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers from Markes for GC-MS and GCxGC

The Markes BenchTOF series of time-of-flight mass spectrometers offer high quality of results and excellent productivity for your GC-MS experiments. The models in this series include:

  • BenchTOF-Evolve™
  • BenchTOF-HD™
  • BenchTOF-Select™


The BenchTOF-Evolve provides high sensitivity equivalent to secondary-ion systems, and full spectral information, all while integrating seamlessly with your existing GC-MS workflow.

BenchTOF-Evolve is perfect for any analyst wishing to realise the benefits of TOF MS without the need for extensive training or disruption to existing workflows.

Key Features

  • BenchTOF-Evolve instrument control software compatible with a number of leading GCs and autosamplers.
  • SIM-like sensitivity for trace-level analysis of targets and unknowns in a single run.
  • Reference-quality ‘classical’ spectra matching those in commercial or custom quadrupole-acquired libraries.
  • High-speed spectral acquisition ensuring compatibility with fast GC and GC×GC.
  • Long-term stability of analyte response for reduced downtime.


The BenchTOF-HD offers excellent sensitivity and improved productivity for a wide range of GC applications.

The spectrometer offers better sensitivity than quad-SIM with full reference-quality spectra (m/z 1–1500 amu). It is supplied with the TOF-DS software, including on-the-fly deconvolution and dynamic baseline compensation (DBC), for full system control.

Key Features

The main features of the BenchTOF-HD spectrometer are as follows:

  • Better sensitivity than quad-SIM
  • Rapid-speed acquisition enables 2 or 3x faster sample throughput
  • High sensitivity reduces sample preparation and eliminates the need for large-sized samples
  • TOF-DS software
  • ChromCompare® automated data comparison
  • Excellent stability eliminates unscheduled maintenance and reduces down-time
  • Sub-unit mass selectivity reduces matrix interferences
  • Suitable for regular GC, fast GC and GC×GC applications
  • Compatible with all major makes of GC
  • Upgrades to Select-eV® variable-energy ionisation

BenchTOF-Select Spectrometer

The BenchTOF-Select spectrometer features variable-energy electron ionization. This spectrometer combines the power of BenchTOF-HD, such as sensitivity, speed, stability, spectral quality and sub-unit mass selectivity, with the Select-eV variable-energy ionisation technology and the TOF-DS software to deliver excellent performance.

The BenchTOF-Select spectrometer is suitable for researchers requiring exceptional analytical capability and productivity. The Select-eV variable-energy ionisation technology improves the absolute intensity of molecular ions, expands the dynamic range and limits of detection, gathers confirmatory low-energy spectra with structurally major fragmentation, and differentiates between compounds with similar 70 eV spectra.

Key Features

The main features of the BenchTOF-Select spectrometer are:

  • Rapid analysis, fast method development, minimum down-time and reduced sample preparation
  • Select-eV variable-energy ionisation technology resolves complex applications
  • Excellent stability prevents unscheduled maintenance, even when utilizing soft ionization
  • Real-time access to results
  • Innovative data-mining features such as deconvolution, dynamic baseline compensation (DBC) and ChromCompare data comparison

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