Advance System for Automated Analysis of VOCs in Canister Air and Gas from Markes

Markes’ CIA Advantage is a powerful, high-throughput system designed for evaluating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in canister gas and air. The analysis is carried out using US EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15.

The system operates in a cryogen-free environment and has multiple-canister capacity. It is compatible with any GC analyzer models, and allows both high and low concentration samples to be run in a sequential manner.

Key Features

The main features of the Markes’ CIA Advantage system include:

  • Incorporates method-compliant tube desorption
  • High-quality air monitoring results
  • Reduces running costs
  • Splitless desorption for optimum sensitivity
  • Capacity for up to 27 canisters allowing round-the-clock automated operation
  • Combination of efficient purging and heated internal lines avoids carryover between samples


The major applications of the Markes’ CIA Advantage system are as follows:

  • Urban air monitoring
  • Fugitive industrial emissions
  • Indoor air quality
  • US EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15

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