The M1 MISTRAL Compact Tabletop Micro-XRF Spectrometer from Bruker

The M1 MISTRAL is a compact spectrometer for analyzing bulk layers and materials using X-ray fluorescence technology. It enables non-destructive measurements to be made on an extensive range of sample sizes without for sample preparation. Applications areas include jewellery, electronics and RoHS.

The M1 MISTRAL enables precise the Micro-XRF analysis of bulk layers and materials. All elements from Z=22 and higher can be studied. This allows a broad range of materials to be accessible such as alloys, metals and metallic, layers including multi-layer systems.

Specimens up to size of 100 x 100 x 100mm can directly positioned on the sample stage and studied without any further preparation. As the measurement is contactless, it can be conveniently analyzed from arbitrarily shaped specimens such as finely wrought jewellery or materials of differing thickness.

Key Features

The key features of the M1 MISTRAL include:

  • The micro focus X-ray tubes of the M1 MISTRAL provide enough intensity for spot sizes even as small as 100µm, based on the collimator used
  • Along with the video microscope for precise sample positioning, it is ensured that measurement takes place at the specific spot
  • Added functionality can be added with optional computer-controlled stage motorization and auto-focus function
  • Sophisticated analytical software offers optimum analysis results
  • The instrument is provided with the XSpect analysis software that offers the right tool for standard-less or standard-based quantification for layer systems and bulk materials.
  • The M1 MISTRAL is available with two different X-ray detectors, either a large area gas-filled proportional counter for standard applications in quality control or a silicon drift detector with superior count rate performance and energy resolution, to drive detection limits down to 0.01 wt.%
  • These detectors, digital pulse processing and optimized geometrical conditions enable maximum efficiency in X-ray detection and therefore fast and accurate analysis results

Key Applications

The M1 MISTRAL is used in a wide range of applications include:

  • Jewelry and alloy analysis – The M1 MISTRAL is suitable for examining all jewellery, precious metal alloys and coins. The exact composition of all jewellery alloys, silver or platinum group metals can be determined in a very short duration. Trace elements in light matrices can also be detected based on RoHS requirements. This enables direct control of hazardous element concentrations in electric and electronic devices
  • Characterization of coatings – The X-ray fluorescence technology used by the M1 MISTRAL enables effective analysis of thin coatings such as on metals, plastics or PCBs

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