The M4 TORNADO 2D Micro-XRF with Ultimate Speed and Accuracy from Bruker

Micro-XRF is the method of choice for the non-destructive and high-sensitivity elemental analysis of various samples that include irregular and inhomogeneous samples.

The M4 TORNADO is a versatile instrument for precise and rapid high resolution analysis of large and small specimens. Samples need minimal preparation for examination.

Key Features

The key features of the M4 TORNADO include:

  • Very good spatial resolution using polycapillary X-ray optics for smallest spot sizes less than 25µm for Mo-K
  • Flexible excitation for using up to two X-ray tubes and five filters
  • Ultra-fast spectrum acquisition with XFlash® SDD technology and further speed and data with an optional 2nd detector
  • TurboSpeed X-Y-Z stage for distribution analysis "on the fly”
  • Sample positioning supported by simultaneously displaying two sample images in different magnifications
  • Vacuum sample chamber for optimized light element performance
  • EasyLoad function for easy and rapid sample exchange
  • Consistent bulk material quantification using a standard-less FP model
  • Using polycapillary X-ray optics helps generate high fluorescence intensities even on smallest sample areas. The X-ray optics helps aiming tube radiation from a large solid angle and concentrate it on spots less than 25µm for Mo-K radiation
  • Optionally using two X-ray tubes allows highly effective excitation of special groups of elements by selecting different target materials or by using one tube with a collimator
  • The M4 TORNADO has XFlash® silicon drift detector (SDD) technology
  • The maximum speed travelled by the large sample stage is up to 100mm/s. Combined with "on the fly” measurement, this ensures fastest possible mapping, as the detector is continuously collecting radiation
  • Sample positioning supported by a fish eye camera and two optical video microscopes that show approx. 1 mm2 and 10 mm2
  • Autofocus for setting the right sample height
  • Mosaic images of high quality for large area maps

Key Applications

The applications of the M4-TORNADO include:

Applications focus on material sciences, in particular on forensics, geology, RoHS measurements, archeometry, bioscience and many other applications are supported as well.

  • The M4 TORNADO is suited for forensic analysis. This includes examination of layer systems such as paint, extremely small material fragments and gunshot residue. It is also a suitable instrument for non-destructive analysis of documents and small works of art, e.g. for authentication
  • The M4 TORNADO’s large sample stage is for analyzing geological samples. Phases searches or analyses for trace elements can be done easily for studying geological processes such as rock formation or to assess ores for their mineral content. The M4 TORNADO software offers several options for analysis and data representation
  • Restriction of the use of hazardous substances – RoHS – With increasing awareness of health and environmental hazards, detecting substances with these risks has become very essential. It can be used to determine heavy metal and other harmful element content - even if it is in the ppm range
  • Bioscience – Analysing the metabolism of biological samples can offer information on health, environmental conditions or diseases

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