ICPE-9800 Simultaneous ICP Atomic Emission Spectrometer Series

The ICPE-9800 Series of simultaneous ICP atomic emission spectrometers are advanced systems designed for rapid analysis of multiple elements with high accuracy, irrespective of their concentration levels. They are equipped with a vertically oriented torch that reduces sample adhesion on the torch walls, thereby alleviating memory effects.

The axial view of the ICPE-9800 series includes a photometric separation unit fixed at right angles to the torch. The presence of a user-friendly software enables dual analysis of samples by switching between axial and radial view. A large 1in CCD sensor is used for capturing data for all wavelengths in the form of an image on a 2D plane. Further, a Schmidt mirror is provided for correcting astigmatism.

Key Features

The main features of the ICPE-9800 Series include:

  • High performance and high resolution
  • Simultaneous analysis of trace and high-concentration samples
  • Leading-edge CCD detector records data of all wavelengths
  • Sample introduction system facilitates stable analysis for a long period of time
  • Anti-blooming characteristics
  • Automatic shutdown of system after analysis
  • Reduced startup gas consumption



The key applications of the ICPE-9800 Series are:

  • Food industry
  • Environmental applications
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
  • Metal industry

Cost-Reducing Features

The ICPE-9800 system includes three major features that reduce usage of argon gas to half of normal levels, thereby saving significant amount of costs. These features include:

  • The mini-torch system consumes just half the amount of argon gas used by conventional torches
  • Eco Mode automatically reduces the rate of plasma gas flow during the standby mode
  • There is no need to purge the vacuum spectrometer continuously with high-purity nitrogen or argon gas


ICPEsolution Software

The ICPEsolution software is a user-friendly and 21 CFR compliant software that helps users to optimize techniques with:

  • Diagnosis Assistant
  • Automatic Wavelength Selection
  • Method Development Assistant

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