SolidSpec UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer from Shimadzu

Equipped with three detectors, Shimadzu’s SolidSpec-3700i and SolidSpec-3700i DUV (Deep-UV) are top-of-the-line spectrophotometers that allow high-sensitivity, deep UV measurement and feature very large sample compartments.

The spectrophotometers can measure from deep-UV to visible and up to 3300 nm in the near IR region. They address the semiconductor, optical and FPD (flat panel display) market requirements.

Other general applications of these spectrophotometers include but are not limited to bandgap analysis, haze analysis, coatings, photovoltaics and optical component characterization.

Features of SolidSpec-3700i and SolidSpec-3700i DUV

  • The SolidSpec-3700i with a measurable wavelength range of 185 to 3300 nm and the Solid Spec-3700i DUV with a measurable wavelength range of 65 to 3300 nm are capable of measuring in the deep-UV region
  • High resolution and ultra-low stray lights for analyzing films, wafers, solids, liquids, coatings and optical components
  • Large sample compartment that allows investigation of large solid specimens without having to cut them as with a traditional spectrophotometer

Image credit: Shimadzu

  • Automatic X-Y stage accessory is available for performing automatic analysis of large samples (the highest sample size is 700 mm x 560 mm) at user-defined points on the sample
  • Selectable bandwidths to conform to the needs of high-end research and regulated laboratories
  • A range of measurement modes are included, such as spectrum, photometric, quantitation, time Time course, kinetics and bio-methods
  • Sophisticated software add-ons for Color Measurement, Film Thickness, Daylight Transmission Measurement and Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Calculation
  • Integrating spheres, film holder, multi-cell changer, variable angle measurement accessory, an external light source emission measurement accessory and reflectance measurement accessories are available
  • Improved security functions offer audit trails ad numerous user authority levels ('Operator,' 'Administrator,' and 'Developer')
  • Advanced regulatory compliance—complete support of Pharmacopeia (JP, EP and USP), FDA 21 CFR Part11, GLP/GMP and other regulation with the suitable software package

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