Niton XL2 100G XRF Analyzer for Precise Elemental Analysis

The Niton XL2 100G is equipped with the standard Thermo Scientific Niton Data Transfer (NDT©) PC software suite to enable users to customize the instrument. It allows setting of operator permissions, generation of custom reports, remotely monitoring and operating the instrument hands-free from the PC or printing of analysis certificates with the user’s company logo.

The Thermo Scientific™ Niton XL2 100G has integrated USB and Bluetooth® communications to provide direct data transfer to user’s PC or networked storage device, thereby excluding inconvenient data synchronization processes required by Windows Mobile®-based XRF analyzers.

The Niton XL2 100G analyzer provides state-of-the-art electronics and high performance while retaining the point-and-shoot simplicity, which is the key characteristic of all the company’s X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments.

These analyzers are sealed against moisture and dust with fully embedded software tools. They have daylight-readable icons, and incorporate multiple language options, customizable menus and a basic analytical range of 25 elements from titanium to bismuth.

Key Features

The main features of the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL2 analyzers are listed below:

  • Accurate and easy to use even by non-technical personnel
  • Fully non-destructive test
  • Ergonomically designed and lightweight
  • Accurate elemental analysis of alloy materials
  • From turn on to trigger pull to near instantaneous results
  • Rugged design to handle highly challenging industrial environments


The Niton XL2 is ideal to use for:

  • Analyzing metal alloys for scrap recycling or final product QC
  • Rapid alloy ID for incoming QC
  • Scrap metal recycling
  • Instant non-destructive chemical analysis of common alloy materials
  • Accurate identification of grade and value of scrap

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