MicroTrak 101 – Ultra Low-Flow Gas Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

The growing focus on micro technology in fields like engineering and science has resulted in highlighting the significance of measuring and controlling extremely low gas mass flow rates.

MicroTrak has a special valve orifice design and an improved sensor technology that allows accurate measurement and control of mass flow rates earlier considered by scientists to be extremely low for repeatable readings. The MicroTrak​ provides the most accurate measurement of very low-flow gases.

Systems integrators/OEMs and lab researchers treat the MicroTrak thermal mass flow controller as a true multi-gas digital MFC designed to provide accurate, stable, smooth, and repeatable gas mass flow control. Gas mass flow control is unaffected by pressure fluctuations and upstream gas temperature, and is unequivocal and direct.

Quality Calibration: MicroTrak's NIST traceable accuracy is backed by Sierra’s ten point, primary standard calibration over the complete flow range. MicroTrak has a flexible and strong control valve with accessible PID valve tuning in order to assure excellent reliability and speed. Custom valve orifice sizing enables yielding full-range stability.

Product Benefits

The key benefits of the MicroTrak 101 are as follows:

  • Compod™ upgrade to perform processes without expense of PLC system or DCS
  • Control functions also available from PC via RS-232
  • Precision digital PID valve control; no valve adjustment or tuning
  • Source code for RS-232 communication provided
  • Proprietary frictionless-hovering direct-acting control/shut-off valve
  • 10 pre-programmed gases come standard; substitute up to 9 more
  • Primary Standard Calibration & NIST traceability
  • Set zero, span and full scale for each gas separately
  • User-friendly pilot module display interface is remote-mounted, hand-held or front-mounted
  • Measure and control flow rates down to 0.1 sccm (smlm)
  • Make adjustments in the field for time savings
  • Increase efficiency with true, digital high-performance
  • Configure up to 10 gasses with one instrument
  • Proprietary valve orifice design for easy control at ultra-low flows
  • Full-scale flow ranges under 4 sccm (smlm)
  • suitable for research, industry and OEM
  • Free user software
  • Improved networking capability, including display, inputs, totalization, and two digital relays
  • Field adjustment with multifunction pilot module display interface. Change the following:
    • Engineering units
    • Flow rate
    • Measured gas
SmartTrak® Mass Flow Controllers: Master of All Flows!

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