AZURA® HPLC Plus Systems with an extended backpressure of up to 700 bar improve routine separation tasks.

Benefit from higher pressures and use smaller particle sizes and lower flow rates to enhance your separation.

Use up to four different solvents with a low pressure gradient pump or a binary high pressure pump with solvent selection valve.

The new AZURA HPLC Plus instruments are designed to meet your everyday challenges with versatility and reliability. These systems are flexible in many ways: Available in a range of materials, flow rates and complexity levels, AZURA accomplishes your demanding analytical tasks with a selection of detectors, pumps, and columns.

Control and monitor your AZURA HPLC Plus system and process your data with one of our chromatography data systems OpenLAB® or ClarityChrom®. Furthermore, KNAUERs Mobile Control app for Windows 8 is available for each system. AZURA HPLC Plus is our complete solution for your daily HPLC routine.


  • Isocratic, binary high pressure gradient or quaternary low pressure gradient pump
  • Pump heads allowing flow rates of up to 10 or even 50 ml/min also allow semi-preparative HPLC
  • Autosampler with 0.1 μl sample aspiration
  • Highly sensitive diode array detector with intelligent temperature control
  • Wide range of flow cells including remote cells with fiber optics

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